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Response to Kokesh "knee-jerk" post. - Adam vs. the kettle

Thanks for quoting me Adam [sarc]. I would like to know why you did not address the content of the post instead of just parroting the purposefully sensationalized closing cut pasted into that mainstream article?

Let's get this straight:
We agree our government is; destroying the middle class, stealing the wealth of the nation, off-shoring our industry to level the american workforce with 3rd world countries, conducting illegal prohibition through the drug war and imprisoning our citizenry, and debasing our currency through debt. Do I sound vaguely correct to you? I won't even discuss here the unconstitutional empire building through undeclared wars that bleeds the USA from all orifices of our society and humanity that is overseen by our same wonderful government officials.

Now we want to give these same people more tools to do it with?

I will call out any slip on the further empowerment of government whether it be through laws or implemented technologies that are not yet constitutionally tested. (think drones, think national data center in utah, think TSA fusion centers, etc).

Rand has put himself at the forefront of the drone discussion. Yes, I hang on his every word because of it. And yes, I have the right to as his record of consistency is short and not what I would call consistent in its resolve, i.e. he could change is posisiton. Shocker, it has happened before. Questions about this statement? *See( http://www.dailypaul.com/283185/daily-paul-front-page-in-red...)

No drones! No drones until, and I quote from my post that is now so widely quoted for its sensational closing, the meat; "Personally, I think the nearly assured misuse of drones should prohibit them entirely until the debate is complete on their use in the US.

Should the 4th amendment issues be cleared up and the NDAA and Patriot acts and all other unconstitutional orders and regs be repealed, I would then consider the use of drones as a cost effective replacement for helicopters in non-lethal configurations only with warrant based and active scene being the authorized times surveillance equipment could be active during a flight.

Certainly not to fire on suspects any more than I would advocate shooting a robber from a helicopter.

Without a direct/eminent threat to a human from that suspect can we morally advocate lethal force used on a robber from an unmanned vehicle. What is he thinking? Call me old fashion, but in civilian life I still think people should kill people. Let's at least keep that personal."

UPDATE: Judge Nap makes my point here ( http://youtu.be/2OtG9U3MRK8) at the end of today's interview with Varney beginning @3:46.

So Adam, trying to group me with liberal detractors and only mentioning the sensationalized quote from the mainstream media when you have complete access to me and my writing on this site, is weak. Weak and just like the media organizations you condemn.

Now that I have berated him, it is time to build my brother back. We love the same things and I support the work and commitment of Adam Kokesh and, like Rand, I want them both to always strive to do and be better as I do each day knowing I will never be perfect in my results. The fact that Rand and Adam might both read this means I am doing my part.
Long live,, long live,, long live,, the Daily Paul!

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