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If you don't think there are conspiracies here's one that will make you think remember the RNC?

So what happened with the states that Paul won? Where did they put those people in relation to the floor?? At the very back. If that's not an eye opener I'm guessing nothing will suffice you.

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Couple months late, but

Couple months late, but thanks for the observation.
Also, at the RNC national they never turned on the mikes on the floor for questions to be asked, even though they rhetorically asked them to make the guise that they allowed questions to amendments.

Southern Agrarian

2008 RNC - Ron's campaign manager was working for the GOP.

None of us knew until after it was all over, but Lew Moore was apparently on the GOP payroll that night, and acting like he was still "one of us" as he ran around trying to get RP delegates to stand down. There are conspiracies everywhere. I am going shopping with my neighbor, we have planned when and where we are going. Its a conspiracy. Not all of them are evil, but nearly every damn thing we do is a "conspiracy" unless we think it up and act it out completely alone.

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