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A visit to the Chris Dorner Big Bear Hideout: Retracing the final steps from burnt-out truck to mountain condo


This past weekend, we went to the condos at Mountain Vista Resort and drove up the path which Dorner had walked down in the snow after abandoning his truck on service road 2N10. In this LibertyFight.com exclusive,
retrace the steps Dorner took
and view the landscape from the condo to the desolate road 2N10, which he travelled on foot before he had his temporary reprieve and was killed by police who "burned that motherfucker down". Note in the picture below the "neighborhood watch" sign that Dorner passed on his way to sneaking in to the vacant condo.


Out-of-control Police pointed loaded guns at reporters, bicyclists, pedestrians and bystanders in CA during Dorner manhunt February 24, 2013 [Featured on Rense.com , RomanCatholicReport.com , and Republic Broadcasting Network.]

Eerie Predecessor of Chris Dorner: the James Beck Redux February 24, 2013

The Christopher Dorner saga has an eerie predecessor with many striking similarities, involving a 35-year old former police officer named James Beck.

First hand account of Big Bear school lockdown during Christ Dorner manhunt February 20, 2013 [Featured on Devvy.com.]
Big Bear schoolkid asks police "if the police are Dorner's target, how will sending police to our school keep us safe?"

Original Source of full 22-page Christopher Dorner Manifeso revealed February 8, 2013

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