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Boston Bombing - A Photo Essay: "The official story proves Dzhokhar is innocent"

The best evidence I have seen. Enjoy before it disappears.


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Well ...

... there's a problem with that analysis.

If you look at the grisly photo of people injured and lying near the mailbox, their position is in line with the official story of where bomb #2 went off, not with the author's theory of it being in front of the fence/mailbox. If the bomb was behind them, the blast would have pushed them forward, which looks like is what happened. The only question is whether that photo was before or after the one higher in the page that does not show anybody in that location. I would think they either removed those people or pulled them away from the street so this photo would be first. But it is possible they "unpiled" people and this photo would have happened after the other one. That is key to figuring out where bomb #2 went off.

However, if you look at the first pic on that page, you can clearly see the woman with the 3 yellow balloons walking in front of the older brother. See my post here on the possibility that the 3 yellow balloons could have been a way to identify the location for bomb #1:


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Conjecture based on assumptions and low resolution photos

Let me "prove" my point.

The author goes to great lengths in describing how a blurry picture of a guy with a similar hat & jacket is Tamerlan.

Later he has to retract that:

UPDATE: Turns out there is a higher resolution version of this photo and that guy is not Tamerlan. A reader pointed that out. Thanks

Even so, he uses the same blurry, low res photo to "prove" that Dzhokar is running away still wearing his backpack - a dubious claim at best, and hardly "Proof" of anything.

I'm extremely disappointed in the low threshold of "proof" some people around here hold.

Please, people: THINK!

He's the man.

I almost believe that this

I almost believe that this poster is a Glenn Beck plant trying to marginal us as conspiracy wackos. Stu, is that you?

Dumbest Post

I really hope the conspiracy theory nut-jobs don't completely take over this site. For my sanity I'm going to assume this post is just some sort of sick joke because no one can actually believe this crap.

It seems like every time I

It seems like every time I visit here lately some nut conspiracy theory is featured. I honestly do wonder if those who want to discredit us, paging Glenn Beck and his minions, have a had in it.

That be nice

I personally have a hard time seeing the exact details the author tries to point out, but I'm very, very grateful for the internet right now: if the FBI had a week or two without scrutiny to hammer out their story before releasing any details to the public, it'd be far, far tougher to see the inconsistencies. As things stand, I distrust the entire "these guys did it! the authorities say so," gig.

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The lies that are proven wrong...

1. They did not rob 7/11
2. Younger brother did not run over older brother
3. Younger brother did not have a gun in the boat
4. Younger brother backpack was a lighter color than backpack used in bombing

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