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The News" - a tale of a war on terror

Early this morning, four people wearing backpacks walked into a crowded restaurant. They each took out laptop computers, and began furiously communicating with unknown co-conspirators. An alert patron, Stan Wilson, was in the seat behind them and when he turned to talk to his companion he noticed the story one of the suspicious characters had pulled up: "US Government History of False Flag Attacks." Wilson also took note of the website, the infamous conspiracy spouting "Infowars.com" run by right wing fanatic Alex Jones.
Alarmed by the odd behavior (they did not converse, each was immersed in their own electronic device) and the glimpse he caught of their interactions, Wilson excused himself "to use the restroom" but instead went to talk to the restaurant manager.
The manager thanked Wilson, and was explaining that there was nothing to be done about "suspicious behavior," and that people often came there to "surf" since the restaurant offered free Wi-fi. Just then, the men were rocked by an explosion in the Federal Courthouse building across the street.
The suspicious group stuffed their computers back into their packs and fled the building. The manager immediately called the police, Wilson bravely pursued the group to see where they went.
The bombing suspects slowed their pace just around the corner, then began to laugh and talk in animated tones. At the next corner, they entered another restaurant. Wilson walked on around the block, and could see the four settle in to a booth and repeat the same behavior he had just witnessed in the first diner.
Returning hastily to the restaurant, Wilson went straight to the police, told him all he had seen. Two officers started toward the restaurant where the suspects were last seen, arriving just as another explosion struck the Courthouse. The police watched as the four lifted their heads from their computers, and again began to laugh and speak excitedly. After a few moments, they returned their attention to their computers.
Realizing that the next blast could go off at any minute, the officers called for a drone assist. The drone immediately located and the four, and when the surveillance showed all four were engaged in activity on infowars.com, the officers knew lives were in the balance and requested authorization to neutralize the imminent threat, which the i-Judge on duty granted.
In an instant, the drone struck the restaurant. Three of the four terrorists were killed instantly, the other in is intensive care and will be charged with 7 counts of murder (4 victims died in the Federal Courthouse blast and 3 more in the restaurant.) Only one of their computers survived the blast, and the FBI has released the following excerpts from the last email one of the terrorists sent, moments before their killing spree was halted by quick thinking and acting citizens and police:
"... planning to do this for so long, it is hard to believe today is the big day!"
"... the blast was sort of pretty, like a campfire downtown..."
"... we didn't even run after the second one..."
"... maybe AJ will put us on the front page of infowars..."
The Department of Homeland Security has contacted Wilson, and advised him he will be receiving a commendation for his bravery and be listed in the prestigious directory of "Terror Stopping Tipsters."
Police Chief Ed Harris applauds the outcome of Wilson's bravery, but wishes to caution citizens from pursuing potential terrorists. While this story has a happy ending, Harris points out that Wilson could have been killed if the terrorists had spotted him.

I want you to have this. I know you cannot do anything about it, the official story is not worth challenging. The media always wins the spin, and fighting for truth just gets a target painted on your back. That email from Jeff? It was to me. Of course he was not any kind of "terrorist" - we both know better, but that won't bring him back. But maybe knowing what he really said can bring you some kind of comfort in your grief, better to know he was set up than to wonder if he had a "hidden side" or something.
Forwarded email:
CRAZY morning! We all got together at the cafe, we have been planning this for so long, it is hard to believe today is the big day! So we sit down, start pulling up the articles we want to print off, and KA-BOOM! Something blew up at the Fed building. At the time, it scared the shit out of me but now that I can sit down and look back, the blast was sort of pretty, like a campfire in the middle of downtown... hope no one got hurt!
Anyway, we boogied on around the corner so we could keep working while everyone else watched the excitement unfold. We plan to print the flyers this morning, and I should be by around noon to drop a case off for you. THANK YOU for volunteering to do your neighborhood. If we can show the nation what one county, working together methodically can do, we CAN and WILL win this infowar!
So, we are down the block now, just putting the final touches on. I don't know WHAT is going on at the Fed, a second explosion happened right after we sat down here, but we have too much work to do, so we didn't even run after the second one. Talk about irony, I am here with the infowar list of false flags pulled up as explosions start to go off at the Fed... maybe AJ will put us on the front page of infowars when he gets to the bottom of this - lol!
See you in a couple hours-
Peace out-

Katy, my neighbor works for the gas and electric company. He came over early this morning and asked if I could feed his kids breakfast and get them to school with my kids, he had an emergency call just come in. He said a gas line had broken at the Federal Courthouse and that if they did not get the lines closed fast enough things might start exploding. He's not home yet. I don't know what to say to his children.
I am so sorry it has come to this, but know that Jeff made a difference, he was always an inspiration, and I will fight twice as hard to expose the government that continues to get away with murder and the media that aids and abets their crimes. I'll wear my "target" with pride, for Jeff.
Call me if there is anything I can do for you. I will be out passing out some flyers as soon as I print them off.

Of course it is fiction, for now. As far as we know. If it had happened, who would tell us? I think I'll call my story "Breaking The News."


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