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Jon Rappoport on Boston Bombing: Citizen video-analysts create major problems for controlled media

You’re a reporter for a TV news outlet.

You’ve become aware of a disturbing trend. Thousands of private citizens are now analyzing video and photographs of crime scenes and posting their findings.

They’re hounds, and they can’t be stopped. They’re looking at news footage, casual video, photos, and what they’re coming up with challenges the official story lines your network pushes.

Some of their analysis is ridiculous, but some of it isn’t.

For example, video footage of the first bomb in Boston doesn’t appear to show any shrapnel damage to the fencing near the explosion, or to the blue canopy just above the street. You, the reporter, wonder about that.

The now-famous 78-year-old runner who fell down in the street, just after the first explosion? Security personnel wearing yellow jackets were standing closer to the bomb, but they didn’t wobble or duck or waver. You, the reporter, wonder about that, too.

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This thread remains unpublished because of sphincterheads.


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If I'm thinking of the correct runner, he was hit by schrapnel--you can see what looks like a big piece of glass hit him, and he drops.

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Great Article


(This is still just investigative speculation.)

(This is still just investigative speculation.)

In the ninth image down in this video image series, Is that the Cowboy hat and hand flag guy on the ground behind the black metal fence adjacent to the two rectangular brown tables with the big black duffel bag?

Then appears cowboy hat and flag in hand guy by the brown wooden picket fence before it was pulled away, in front of the guy with the bone sticking out of his leg on the ground.

How did the cowboy hat hero guy have the presence of mind in all that turmoil to grab his American flag and cowboy hat from his duffel bag before he ran to the help of the minimally bloody legless guy?


Also behind the guy in the red jacket helping the lady up, you see a woman with part of her yellow undershirt showing, spilling the red liquid on the ground behind him.

What kind of clothing do Hollywood directors use that blow off with high pressure air without cutting through the skin? Most of the people who had their cloths blown off had hardly any physical wounds.


Really man?

The actor nonsense has to stop.

There is so much blood in these photos. The people who insist on using the images as proof that these people were actors and not victims do not use the entire photo. They cherry pick the action around Bauman and crop out the entirety of the image that shows copious amounts of blood all over the sidewalk.

There is zero proof that the guy in the hoodie and the lady with the red jacket are doing anything that they are being accused of. ZERO. You do not see their hands dropping blood or affixing amputee prosthetics at all. I find it interesting how, in some of the photos, the man with the hood has his right hand cropped out. This is being called undeniable evidence, but if you look at the entire image you see his right hand on the ground attempting NOTHING of a nefarious nature.

You also do not see the woman with the yellow undershirt spilling anything. All the blood is behind her and if you study her movements in every picture the fact that she is not spilling anything is quite clear.

Anyone who thinks these people are actors are either not using their senses properly or are intentionally trying to muddy the waters and distract from the truth.

I think the word you are look

I think the word you are looking for is delusional, could be wrong though.

Unsuspecting, willing, blind, controllable herd
Pawns in a covert game conducted by hands we trust
Dominated, compliant and deceptable
Confident that we matter - we don't see that we're but dust.

-Meshuggah "Dancers To a Discordant System"

huge bump

from a great reporter and author.

And another


Thanks Troy.

Thanks Troy.

Just too bad Officials confiscated photos and cameras from 91101

Justice demands open honest appraisals.

Free includes debt-free!

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does not fear investigation."

What I liked best about the article was not so much the questions raised, but the glimpse into the mind of a MSM reporter and how they justify certain things they do. Seeing Rachel Madcow on TV last night really got under my skin.

I guess this was more of a response to her "piece."