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Article says Rand would have droned the suspect.


"Tuesday, Paul changed his tune, telling Fox Business Network that he would have approved of a drone targeting Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev."

How many here would defend that statement attributed to Rand? Just on the face, are you OK with it?

I just listened again, and Rand did not say that. He did not NOT say it emphatically enough, and now this little chink in the liberty army is getting bigger and bigger.

Why am I in such a twist about it? It is all about one word: "suspect." We STILL do not KNOW that these boys did it "beyond a reasonable doubt" because one of them will NEVER get a day in court, and the other is not likely to find any justice if he gets to a courtroom. Until they are found guilty in a court of law they are PRESUMED INNOCENT. The boy in the boat was NOT out running around waving guns, he was HIDING IN A BOAT, and apparently unarmed. But now the word in the MSM is that Rand is OK with droning the boy. It is not for me that Rand needs to clear this up DEFINITIVELY, it is for Rand.

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where can I listen to it?

I didn't find it at the link. What exactly did he say?

The first guy (in theory) got killed while actively shooting at cops so I can understand him getting killed if that were the case. There are a lot of questions about how that went down though. I heard a witness say that the cops went over and shot him multiple times after he already got run over. Let's make sure he is dead?

That said, I would not be able to understand or agree with them killing the younger one while he is hiding in a boat.

Rand has to live with whatever he says. I think it is a game to him.