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Judge Andrew Napolitano Loses 60 Pounds doing Wheat Belly Diet

Judge Andrew Napolitano Loses 60 Pounds Just By Dropping Wheat (Just Like Dr. William Davis Said)

First, the bit about that weight loss is buried in one or both of the videos—but you have to find it if you want, which is going to piss some people off (but you get what you pay for). There's also a mention of misled vegan, enlightened libertarian John Mackey (see, contradictions do exist) and Whole Foods Markets, but in a different context—which is a bit dot-connecting interesting.

For more - http://freetheanimal.com/2013/02/napolitano-dropping-william...



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& factor4

funny, but i can sympathize

I have wanted to try this diet, as it certainly is well founded. I can't help but crap when I am in public. I think it has something to do with the muzac relaxing my bowels and then having to suddenly blow out of me. How is that for a mental image.

I just hope the guy runs for

I just hope the guy runs for President. I don't think he can get Ron Pauled and treated as badly as Ron.

Vet teach the science of digestion.

This is all science backed by major peer reviewed journals in medicine and nutrition.

I thought I knew a lot. See for yourself.

Free includes debt-free!

read the book. not bad

the ish really works by the way. Ever since i stopped eating wheat, I started losing weight, and fast. I didn't cut down on the amount of food, just the kind of food. Stopped having stomach aches. For a while I thought I had krones disease or something cause my gut was always crapping up and feeling uncomfortable. Pretty much immediately after I stopped eating wheat the cramps and gas went away. It was so terrible before, and embarrassing at times. Couldn't ever take a dump in a public crapper cause I was afraid I was going to have some IBS attack or something. Getting rid of the wheat got rid of the explosive dumps.

Sorry for the nasty mental pic, but for all you people who think you have gut rot.....try this out for real.

I'm reading the book "Wheat Belly" right now

The wheat we eat today, is not the wheat we ate in the 60's.

It's now a GMO that is very bad for your body.

Eating wheat is like eating cake, because your body reads it as sugar.

And the biggest problem is that wheat is in just about everything.

Thanks Monsanto!

There is nothing inherently

There is nothing inherently wrong with wheat and carbs, it's called GMO. Wheat is GMO anymore and has like 10x the amount of gluten in it that it did a century ago.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Wheat is not a good food.

Didn't the video say that the obesity/diabetes started 10 years before GMOs were introduced.

It should have.

Free includes debt-free!

quick question

Isnt the Wheat belly diet just another derivative of the Atkins Diet?

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

In short, no...

All organisms on the planet have the "desire" to procreate. In the case of a plant, such as a berry plant, the organism creates an edible flower with it's seeds. The seeds are not digestible and pass with nature's fertilizer (feces). This is how many fruit plants procreate. In the case of grains (most grains but wheat barley rye especially) they are NOT edible raw. That is their means of procreation. The neolithic era began when humans harvested and processed grains for consumption. Despite processing grains, we have not removed the toxins from the grain. Fortunately, the grain provided some form of sustanance and allowed paleolithic man to become neolithic man. Unfortunately, the toxin is still toxic. This is why a carb from a grain does not equal a carb from a berry and thus why a grain free diet is very successful in weight loss. Robb Wolf's book "The Paleolithic Solution" is the best book I have ever read in laying out reasons why grains are detrimental to health.

thank you

I will take a look at the Paleolithic Diet. It seems interesting. I disagree that Grains havetoxins tho, I believe it has a lot to do with the species of grains and legumes we are eating and more importantly...GMO grains are terrible.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I disagree that Grains

I disagree that Grains havetoxins tho, I believe it has a lot to do with the species of grains and legumes we are eating and more importantly...

Grains and legumes have to be properly prepared through sprouting and/or fermenting.


There's a lot of money to be made in pushing fad diets, especially Atkins spinoffs.

The only people who can't tolerate wheat are those with celiac disease.

Like Atkins, many who go on the Wheat Belly diet may lose weight initially, especially if they're been eating a lot of grains and suddenly stop. Eliminating ALL grains (not just wheat, as the title of the book leads the prospective buyer to believe) lowers the calorie intake overall; so of course you lose weight -- just like Atkins and Paleo, another spinoff.

But the weight comes back, little by little, as people begin to compensate for the calorie loss and feelings of deprivation. Even the author of the book is heavier now than he was. Just look at his pictures.

This post is just more nonsense from the usual source.

What is it about

Low carb, grain free diets that bother you so much? I assume you are a vegan. If that is accurate, my diet shares most foods with yours. However, I add grass fed free range beef, cage free turkey and chicken, and wild caught fish and subtract all grains. The rise in popularity of these diets is a result of them working, not a result of MSM and other PTB telling me what to think. I would not be a Libertarian today had I not realized that the gov't is lying to us about what we should be eating. I came to that conclusion after trying multiple diets and finally deciding that the paleo diet works best for me.

You can't reason with dinahtab

She's clearly suffering from grain-brain.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

My theory is that people have to be paid to be that stupid.

They are laughing all the way to the bank.

Rare Earth's Forbidden Cures 1994 by Wallach an Ma lists 297 papers from peer reviews scientific journal.

My greying hair is again my natural color. My varicose veins have flattened and are hiding. Tinitis almost gone.

Science based nutrition works! Medical doctors fail. They managed to create a trillion dollar industry while shortening Americans lifespan

There is no medal for 41st place in the Longevity Olympics.

The science has been unrefuted only dismissed as unprofitable.

Free includes debt-free!

Do tell! How did you reverse

Do tell! How did you reverse your graying hair? Please share what you do. thx

It was easy.

I started a business:

Join me. See for yourself. Become a preferred customer or pay $10 and start your own business. Either way get a 30% discount.

I take one healthy start pak per 100# per month. Been at it a month. Spouse also on program. Both of us are arthritic.

There a special paks; for Bones and Joints, Blood Sugar, Brain and Heart. Plus 100s of products for special needs. I also take 3 Ultimat Selenium per day.

Free includes debt-free!


I'm a nondairy pescetarian who doesn't avoid the dreaded wheat and other gluten-containing grains that supposedly make people fat. In fact, starch in the form of grains and potatoes are my main staple, as it is the main staple of billions of naturally slim people in many countries around the world.

Though I'm an advocate of the

Though I'm an advocate of the 'science is not in so don't eat too much sugar and junk' diet, I think there is an easy way to settle it.

Both of you post your pics and DP will vote on who looks healthier =D

Seems you may be missing the point.

No diet is perfect for everyone.

Clearly by the before and after of Judge Nap, Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell, and the comments from DP members on their success posted on those threads, the Paleo/Primal type diets work well for some number of people.

Clearly dinahtab feels that her nondairy pescetarian diet works for her. Ironically though, she can't seem to comprehend that her diet may not work so well for everyone else. She claims that all other diets are fad diets and lots of money are to be made from them. May be. Also ironic is that Dr. McDougall, who she cites for all things health and diet related sells a full line of DVDs, books and even has his own line of prepackaged, processed foods. See for yourself...


I agree with what Robb Wolf suggests. He suggests that every individual should try every viable diet for 30 days and find which is best for them. Seems a sound method. He suggests keeping a log about how you feel, and getting blood work before and after each 30 days. Then at the end compare your log and blood work and it should be clear what is best for you.

The science has been in for some time on the detrimental effects of grains on physical and emotional health.

It's interesting to note that of all of the vegan gurus, McDougall is one of the few still clinging to the high-grain, high-starch aspect, while the others, understanding and accepting the health issues with grains, especially modern hybridized and GMO grains, are advising away from those and advising people to rely on vegetables, fruits and legumes.

It would stand to reason that McDougall would be spinning hard that these hybridized and GMO grains are wonderful and that gluten is not a problem for more that 1% of the population etc. regardless of the data that shows otherwise, because he stands to lose quite a bit if his base stopped buying into his high grain diet. His retail food business and diet book and DVD business would plummet.

I would suggest looking into all of the various diets and try them out and Robb Wolf suggests.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Well, I don't know if you can

Well, I don't know if you can say the science is in simply because blood data improves on low calorie and low carb both.

Low carb is not a bad way to go but take a country like mine for example. Wheat and rice are the staples of the diet and the people who are fat are generally the ones who eat too much sweet stuff and engage in little physical activity. Otherwise, most people on a diet of grains, lentils and vegetables maintain good to reasonable health. There is very little meat in our diet and what there is is mostly lean meats like poultry.

The Inuit on the other hand ate nothing but meat and fat. So though there are many theories as to why we get fat, the diets of different populations show that there is a lot of variation ( which, to be fair, is the same thing you're saying)

Dinah is also right in that the general efficacy of all diets is very low in the long term and most fad diets are pushed for the money without the science behind them being rock solid.

For me the picture idea is a good one. I dint mind doing it either provided I get a week to work on the stomach :-D

I'm on the less sugar, more traditional diet.

Looks like you misunderstood my comment.

I wrote that the science is in on the detrimental effects of grains on physical and emotional health.

I wrote nothing regarding the science being in regarding low cal low carb diets.

I suggest going back and rereading my comment.

You might be interested in this.


There are links to interview audio clips with some of them. Listen to what the vegans other than McDougall say about grains.

McDougall romantically cites ancient cultures and their grains. Ok. But those grains are not the dwarf wheat and Monsanto GMO corn of today. He's either dangerously ignorant or dangerously in denial.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I can post several links to

I can post several links to studies showing a relationship between red meat and cancer. Would that convince you that the science was in?

Probably not, because you see millions of people who have been on that diet without many ill effects. I am making the same argument.

Some people may have problem processing wheat and for them, yes, the paleo diet may do wonders, but most of the world lives and functions on grain and seems to be doing fine.

If your point is simply to say that those who suffer from digestive prooblems or in general have a bad relationship with food, should try paleo, we are in agreement.

You still do not understand

You still do not understand my comments. But that's ok.

Best wishes to you. :-)

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I do not think you understand

I do not think you understand or did not take the time to read as I don't agree with everything you say. But that's ok.

Best wishes =)

you got off easy

usually musician..h starts name calling at this point, and if that doesn't work will claim you believe al gore..(distraction tactic) i do see he gave you a down vote, and himself an up vote. he always does this, maybe it makes him feel better.

Did you hear Wallach's Dead Billionaires don't lie.

A study was done on the longevity of billionaires. Seeing the report they went and hired the best doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, trainers etc. Built and used gyms and pools. Spared no expense.

The end effect was they managed to shave 13 years off their life when the next report was released.

Where their is no health care system and no doctors, there are 40 times the hundred year olds.

Free includes debt-free!

I did hear about that.

I did hear about that.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I disagree...

with all of your comments