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!More VIPS Are Getting On The Bandwagon! The Obama Fraud Is Nearing A Complete Exposure (Birth Certificate)

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Call me crazy but it matters.

It matters like the Constitution matters. It matters like the rule of law matters. It matters because we need to never give up to the ideals we know to be just, true and honest. It matters just like the small rules and lies that were broken and told by my children when they were little kids.It mattered because it mattered in the development of character and learning.

What we do, our deeds, our actions matter and they send a screaming loud message to those around us. Should those who have not given up the battle to see this resolved and the truth be known, should it ever come to that...will be called heroes. And the truth of that is that they are!


this again?

I don't want to be part of the Michelle Bachman/protest and draw hitler mustaches on a picture of the president crowd..

Cmon dailypaul lets get back to being the ones with fresh ideas!!

This has nothing to do with "fresh ideas"

This is about exposing yet another crime of deceit and corruption.

I look at your response and marvel at the power of corporate media propaganda to frame an issue so powerfully, that they completely deflect peoples minds away from the obvious.

A crime has been committed by a man and his handlers that put him in the most powerful position on earth.

This man has the power to shape history - and end it with the amount of technological death at his fingertips.

Have the "reasonable gatekeepers of common sense and authority" made you afraid to be associated with the "looney nut job conspiracy extremists"?

Be honest with yourself. Really.

Not going to happen.

No one cares. Seriously.

There's plenty of evidence in the public domain to charge him with identity fraud at the least. No one cares.

Bloggers and independent citizens have uncovered malfeasance in the Hawaii Dept of Health - altering the birth index. No one cares.

The explanations as to why he is using a previously-issued SSN fall on their face (re-issued, typo). No one cares.

The clear evidence of fraud with Rezko. Yawn.

If the President of the United States can get away with posting whatever that thing is they call a "long form birth certificate" on the White House Website - he can get away with anything.

Remember, it's not facts that matter, it's perception.

They don't *need" to produce a hard-copy of the birth certificate, because they already *told* us it's real.

We're stuck with him - in my opinion, for more than to terms.

Exactly... What kinda of a

Exactly... What kinda of a deal is this compared to the 100 year old scam the Federal Reserve has pulled off? They get to print at will what the rest of us have to work for. While printing more they devalue what we work for causing us to have to work harder! If that doesn't bother folks nothing will!

this issue is the road .....

to nowhere ..

oy vey

I don't want Obama prosecuted

I don't want Obama prosecuted for treason till after the economic collapse. The Progressors need to take at least half the blame for it.

Forgive me if I don't hold my breath.

The people who put him in office know where he is from and they have gone to a lot of effort to keep it a secret.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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The people who put him in office will drop him in a flash...

...if he no longer serves their purpose.

Undo what Wilson did

Yeah, but it would expose their whole scam.

People would want to know how he got on the ballot, for instance... I just don't see it happening, but who knows?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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Editorial comment:

The title should allude to the birth certificate investigation update. You'll probably get more hits if people know the topic in advance.

Undo what Wilson did