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Does Anybody Know the Status of the "Marketplace Fairness" Act?

This is the legislation that would allow state governments to tax their residents' out-of-state Internet purchases. It could raise the price of the items thus purchased by as much as 10%, and would destroy small online businesses by forcing them to maintain sales tax records for as many as 50 different jurisdictions.

I understand that the Senate has "invoked cloture" on this bill, but what does that mean in English? Is this legislation now going to Obama for his signature? Is it going to be attached to the CISPA bill now before the Senate?

In other words, is it too late to stop this - or do we still have a chance?

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MFA passed on a non-binding

MFA passed on a non-binding bill. Senate will try to pass the real bill in May. And then it will go to the House. You can check out We R Here coalition (http://werherecoalition.org/) for up-to-date news and actions to take. If you live in a non-sales tax state (OR, AK, NH, DE, and MT), you definitely need to have your Senators to defeat this bill knowing that this will put burden to in-state sellers AND those states don't get any additional revenue.

This bill is supported by the unions, big businesses, and local government. It's a tough fight. Good luck to all of us.