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Infowars internet traffic on Alexa.com is now 307 !

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No one bullies me to shrink

No one bullies me to shrink from controversy.

Republic Broadcasting also set an all-time record

... last week for listeners :)

... more thought-provoking ... much wider range ... totally uncensored :::


I still love Alex Jones , just want to recommend the other guys in alternative media : Republic Broadcasting has some outstanding content !!! check it out !!!

some of my favorites :

Datum Line
John Moore Show
Govern America
Drockton Financial Report
Parker's Pathways
Rank and File w Chief Kessler
Bob Tuskin Show
National Intel Report
The Common Sense Show

... and a ton more

It's Funny

Someone on the DP talked about how much AJ exaggerates. It was in reference to him talking about how his ratings are exploding (figuratively speaking and "pun" honestly not intended). Meanwhile AJ's ratings are exploding.

Infowars had better ratings

Infowars had better ratings today than yesterday, it is still unbelievable to me that twice as many people are not sleeping now.


I don't know where "critical mass" will be but...

...if AJ's ratings are getting that much better then clearly LOT'S more people are at least listening to the message.