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I'm looking for a web developer and an e-commerce expert. Is that you?

I have two small businesses at the moment, an e-commerce site and a marketing services site (not up yet). I'm trying to network with other liberty designers and developers, and perhaps develop some sort of working relationship.

My new site is currently in development, but I'm looking for some advice on e-commerce platforms to migrate my website: www.RevolutionCarBadges.com

Currently it's a simple free WordPress blog with a domain forwarding. I use WePay and PayPal for processing orders, but it's tedious to manage inventory, print shipping labels, and I'd like to launch an affiliate program soon. I'm ready to move to something more permanent, something that is scalable.

I'm considering the following WP Plugins, though I'm not married to anything at this point:

WOO Commerce

One of my friends is recommending I use Shopify, but I'm concerned about putting all my eggs in one basket so to speak.

Do you have any comments, advice, reviews, or anything to offer regarding those options? Other options?

For my marketing company, I'm looking for a professional, honest, and reliable web developer. I'm a fan of WordPress and the Genesis Framework, though I'm open to other platforms. What I need is someone to turn my Photoshop designs into pixel-perfect, full-functioning websites. Most of my site designs will be pretty basic, as I'd like to hit the small to medium sized businesses here in my town. Some might require some custom features, widgets, or jQuery, and the like, but most will be pretty basic and could utilize open source stuff, something I'm also a big fan of!

I'm looking for pixel-perfect though! I'm not a coder...at all. I'm a designer. I only know enough coding to get me in trouble!

If you have any help to offer, or if you dabble in this kind of stuff, drop me a comment or shoot me an email. Maybe we can do some business together!

Thanks in advance!


Here are are the designs I did for my new RCB e-commerce site. It's pretty basic.

FYI - The price is NOT going up to $19.99! This is just a mock-up I did. It'll stay at $15 + S&H.


Homepage - Recent Blog Posts

Homepage - Events

Individual Product Page

Other Pages Templage

Like I mentioned, I'm already working with a CSS developer/friend on this site, but I need some advice some on e-commerce solutions.

One of the main features I want to launch in the near future is an affiliate marketing program to allow other liberty activists, groups, FB pages, and websites to be able to sell my products for a commission. I don't know anything about how to do this and would appreciate any advice you have to offer!


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is a decent free ecommerce plugin for WP, based on the eCommerce engine. It is fairly feature rich, and does have one 20 dollar "gold cart" which allows more layout flexibility.

I have heavily modified it for clients, so it can take it. ;)

Shopify requires coding in their frame, with their language so it's not migratable, but they have a decent rep for up time. And unless you know the shopify language, you'll have to learn, or hire someone who does.

BTW, the car badges are great, mine came today, thanks. :)

Just open the box and see

I develop nopCommerce sites

I develop nopCommerce sites on the side. Check em out they are very feature rich, open source ASP.NET ecommerce sites.

Here's one I am currently working on www.dalmanstreecare.com/

By the way..

Maybe you can do without a "turn key" ecommerce website to sell what you are selling at this time. You can get a programmer to make an original website to your exact specs for very good prices with a back office that records all the transactions, member logins etc..



I try to change people every day. Do You?

Just to chime in on this,

Just to chime in on this, there is always an ongoing debate between using a platform and starting from scratch but the bottom line is that you will spend a LOT of time to get the same functionality if you start from scratch. A CMS like Drupal has the benefit of having around 30,000 people developing for it and if something is broke chances are it will be fixed in a week. If you have the cash and/or high-level expertise go ahead and go custom, by all means it gives you more control (although with CMS as advanced as they are getting you may simply not need it) otherwise you can really get into trouble and/or waste a lot of money on a failed project. I've seen it a lot unfortunately.

To the OP, don't use Drupal.

To the OP, don't use Drupal.

That's not a very helpful

That's not a very helpful comment :/

Are things going well?

My free advice is that if it's not broken don't fix it. :)

I am a bit paranoid about messing with websites that are doing ok because I have had some bad experiences in the past. One example I can give you of shit hitting the fan is the loss of Google rankings etc..

Look in to getacoder.com that may help.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Well, the back end and inventory managment is just...

...too clunky and tedious!

I need to streamline the back end order processing and fulfillment. I need to be able to manage inventory in an affiliate type business.

Right now, I have unique items set up for the Daily Paul and for Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom, where if anyone purchases those products, I know who to give a 10% donation to. But the problem is that I'm having to split up all my inventory into all these different product listings, and when one gets low, I have to shuffle them around....it's NOT the right way to do it, but hey, I started this business with $26, Photoshop, WordPress, and a dream!

I need a real solution that's affordable, workable, scalable to about 25 products in the next 3 years, and I want an affiliate marketing program to allow other activists, bloggers, etc. sell my products for a commission.

So, I guess it's not broken, but it's definitely not the best solution. This site was a market test, and now I'm ready to move to Phase 2.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


These guys may be good..


The features seem to satisfy your requirements at an affordable price and if you need help, it is in their interest to provide it.


I try to change people every day. Do You?


The widely recognized shopping cart software that is probably best all around is Magento, but you would definitely need to acquire of hire programming skills to get it done. Something a little easier to work with is Drupal (same platform as DailyPaul, although it's come a long way since DP was made) with either UberCart (easier) or Commerce (bigger learning curve and harder to do basic things but more powerful) module for the shopping cart piece. I am actually a full time Drupal developer, most of my work is front-end, a majority of Dripal can be configured and used without programming (though the theme obviously calls for HTML/CSS)

If you have any questions I'm more than happy to help. I'm afraid I don't have any liberty sites under my belt yet (in fact did one for Goldman Sachs...lol!) but I will answer anything I can and maybe put some development time into it if you end up going the Drupal route.

Thanks for the comments!

I updated the OP to included the PS designs.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!



When I was at the CA GOP convention, I saw plenty of tables vending, stuff, the more interesting table to me we Republican organization that were selling constotutions, and what have you as fundraisers.. I really think you should be teaming up with some of these pacs as fund raising.. like Republican Liberty Caucus.. they already have a table on the floor, seeking do nations... they could have used something to sell to attract people looking for stuff to bring back home from the conventions.

Good luck finding a web designer.. !!

Bumping for consideration...

Thanks for the email JJ!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!