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Today’s big ‘Stop the NRA March’ in DC that no one showed up to (PHOTOS)

Washington Examiner reporter Charlie Spiering swung by todays Stop the NRA March in our nations capitol to check out the scene. What he came across wasn’t so much of a march as it was a sad gathering of a few dozen people.

A generous estimation of the crowd was said to be around 100 people at the most, and that included members of the media and security.


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90% of American's believe we need gun control.

90% of a select number of

90% of a select number of americans, i seriously doubt they questioned ALL Americans, predictable statistics arent full proof, should not be taken as 100% fact, even those from our side, questions like this needs asking to ALL Americans, not be taken from a pool survey, regardless if you risk not getting the outcome you want, just so long as its god damn accurate

Accurate we all can deal with, smudg figures, and were all screwed, all power goes to the "smudgers"

I think

"they" had a typo and meant 90 Americans believe we need gun control.

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That is a force to reckon with (NOT)! I guess it is hard to get alot of stupid people all together?

they get lost..

where were we going and how do we get there? What if some "gun owners" show up?? "let's not go.." "can't figure out why we were going anyway" I thought we were going to be THOUSANDS strong.. I feel like such a dumbass!!


Usually they inform ACORN and

Usually they inform ACORN and get the word out at the welfare office that checks this week will be handed out a new address. Be sure to pick up a sign and an "obamaphone" as you get your check. Dancing starts here hold your signs high:

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