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Student wrongly tied to Boston bombings found DEAD

A young man who was identified on the internet as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings has been found dead.

I think it's important that we make it clear to ourselves, and everyone else, that a suspicious photo does not equal a guilty conviction by a jury of our peers. I'm not saying to stop questioning the MSM's narrative of the events, because I still don't trust em. That being said, we need to remember that our online speculation can have real world consequences.

More info here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2013/04/25/boston-bombing...

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So, you're saying ...

... the guy threw himself in the river because some people thought he looked like someone who committed a crime that had nothing to do with him?

He went missing March 16. What makes you think he wasn't dead before April 15?

"... we need to remember that our online speculation can have real world consequences."

No, not if he was dead before the event took place. And besides, suicide due to mistaken identity? Why didn't the other guy go hang himself when people thought he did it. He went to the police to clear his name like any normal person would do. This guy was missing for a month. He was probably dead long before the Boston Marathon.

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I posted this story this morning.

Got lots of bad comments. You're doing better. Glad that you are having some success.

Missing, Falsely Identified Bombing Suspect Sunil Tripathi Found Dead

and I posted it last night

The other side

"However, given the innumerable other contradictions that skeptics of the official narrative behind the bombings have put forward, with particular emphasis on the possibility that the Tsarnaev brothers may have been patsies or otherwise radicalized or duped by intelligence agencies, Tripathi’s death takes on more prominence."

At least the family has

At least the family has closure now.

He left a suicide note in his dorm and disappeared 45 days ago.

We don't yet know the cause nor time of death.

It is too early to blame anyone, including "internet sleuths" for his death.

He could have died anytime between today and 45 days ago.

It is very possible that he commited suicide, and if he was murdered, we do not know yet who is killer is, and do not know their motive.

Any attempt to link his mistaken identification as a bombing suspect to his death at this point, is pure speculation.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

I agree

The same type of speculation that led to his accusation.

We all need to be careful in the way we present our opinions and information.

Never 2nd guess yourself when your doing whats right.

It's sad when tragedy like this happens but never question your motives when your doing the right thing.

He could've been on the run from something at it caught upto him, they found him facedown in a lake? I heard they identified him as the missing person then said its the same guy from online.

For all we know he could've been caught up with the wrong people and was on the run. Investigative journalism is not wrong and no one convicted him, all the online "theories" were just that; speculation.

The online guys did a pretty good job considering what we are working with, and the fact that the FBI knew about it prior and simply didn't call off the race, and now refuse to work with the people, shows they are the ones who need to take a serious look at how they run their investigations.

The fact people investigate themselves, because they can't trust the govt to do it right, says something in itself.

Never hesitate to seek truth.

I agree that this is no reason to end our search for the truth.

We just need to be responsible with how we present what we find.

This boy's death may not have any connection with his accusation, but then again, it very well might.

Just a caution to tread lightly is all.