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Johnson beating Paul in an online poll? I think not!

League of Independent Voters is having a poll between Gary Johnson & Ron Paul, and Johnson is ahead by a few votes (out of < 100 total). We can't have that, can we?!?! After all, even Gary Johnson said if elections weren't an "exclusionary process" and Ron Paul could carry the torch into the general, he would step aside!


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Facebook poll?

C'mon CAH. You can do better, Sir.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


Johnson is winning 193 to Paul's 189... Boo Hiss!

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never is a waste of my time to vote for Ron Paul in any post!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

I can think of a few things that are bigger wastes of our time.

But not many.

We have to stop being obsessed with every half-baked attempt to generate web traffic through a "poll" that we then swarm, making us look like a cult.

Who cares? It's a Facebook page.

This is one instance where our admirable passion gets a bit counterproductive. Spend that extra energy loving your children, working harder, going for a bike ride, fixing up the house, improving your lives and becoming self-sufficient! Let's be the best people we can be and set an example when it's time to REALLY be activists, instead of being internet superstars when it doesn't count.



Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

I don't

Have a facebook but I told some that do. I voted for Gary Johnson during the 2012 Election. I didn't write in Ron Paul. I voted for Ron Paul during the Primary though and Ron is ten times the better option but Gary Johnson is on our team. He the good guy.

I agree.

GJ > BO, but RP > GJ.

i dont FB! i like my privacy.


Sorry No FB


I guess I'm not alone

I voted for the guy that I voted for in the last election.

Gary Johnson. Our beloved Ron Paul has retired from politics. Plus, I enjoy pissing off those party first Ron Paul supporters that voted for Romney.

I'm Republican, but I didn't vote for Mitt, & knew I wouldn't...

after Maine!

Usually, after a primary, if your guy didn't make it, you come together, but that kind of unity requires magnanimity, and having Boehner gavel people down and flinging out delegates isn't the trustworthy spirit that lead antifederalists at ratifying conventions to trust the First Congress would add a Bill of Rights, ratify, and then receive said Bill of Rights.

Character has to count for something.

If I wasn't on a committee

I would have wrote in RP.

It doesn't piss me off

It makes Karl Rove thrilled, after all you can slap a LP sticker on GJ, but he's still a Republican, just like Bob Barr and Ron Paul.

You can slap a Republican sticker on Romney...

...but he's still just a big government statist like Obama, and you voted for him.

I thought Romney had a tattoo on his forehead GOP

and I voted to keep my seat on the committee because Ron Paul was not going to win and Romney was going to fade into the past, but I am the future with hundreds of Ron Paul delegates and like myself.

You voted for Obama by default.


You voted for Obama, not only by default, but in actuality. Romney is nothing but an Obama clone. I have no desire to be part of an organization that is going to dictate who I vote for. From my perspective, any organization that would require such a thing is not worth saving.

I voted Romney

Not that he would be different than Obama, but that the future was worth keeping my seat for.

Perhaps once those of us who have a desire to change the GOP will provide for you a party you and we can be proud of in the future. Until then, we'll be working on resolutions to disolve the loyalty oaths in the GOP.

All 3 of those candidates

could run laps around Obummer.

I wish that was true

I had a really hard time figuring out what people saw in Obama, so I asked, hoping to get 10 things about Obama to vote for.. I could only get 7

1) cute
2) good speaker
3) nice family
4) black/mixed race
5) not Hillary
6) not GOP
7) studied constitutional law

That is what we are up against.

Plus, you gotta love Gary

Plus, you gotta love Gary Johnson for stating the obvious!


"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I voted for Gary Johnson!

I'd prefer Ron Paul, though, and I figured most of us on "The Daily Paul" probably do, as he's the unifying theme of the website :)

Me too

and frankly think that Gary Johnson is more marketable than Rand Paul and therefore has a greater chance of bringing liberty.

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