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Hiding in Plain Sight in America

Divide the people along racial, economic, social lines; foment hostilities thereby creating the elements for civil war and then all you have to do is control the leaders of the opposing factions,(Republcrats) viola!

Bottom up, top down and inside out. America is under siege just as all the other countries the USSG have divided and conquered.

The Facts:

1. These soldiers were ordered to dress like Arabs complete with heavy dark wigs and fire on a police station in Iraq.

2. They shot and killed at least one officer.

3. They were caught red handed.

4. The Brits sent tanks to bust them out of jail.

5. Good soldiers. They kept their mouths shut: "Ask our commander what our assignment was."

If these things happen overseas, what makes you think it doesn't happen here?

And what makes you think it's OK when it happens overseas?

I thought the Brits and the Americans were in Iraq to bring peace and justice and establish stability.

How does dressing up as Arabs and murdering police officers advance that?

One encouraging thought: Tanks are quite formidable when they're lobbing shells at people from afar. Up close and personal, not so much - but don't try this at home!


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