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Transit police officer not shot by the alleged Boston bombers?

Just heard on Fox News Boston that the MBTA police officer may be victim of friendly fire.


========MOD NOTE========
This is not the MIT officer, who remains dead after the chase incident.

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Searched, no other independent source for this report.

This is big news, if confirmed. Thanks.


is it big news? They shot into two houses during the confrontation, they shot like 200 rounds, doesn't seem unlikely to me that one hit another cop either by accident or ricochet, etc.

Update if confirmed please,

Update if confirmed please, anyone

If this is true, and it came out at the time, probably would have changed the liberties that were taken, probably the debate too, not to mention mentality, that guns being somehow safer in the hands of those who wear authorative costumes

If true, i'd like to know, who, if anyone, was aware of it
Is something i would ask to a government who believed in accountability

Is there one shred of evidence these boys had guns?

I keep hearing about who they shot, and then hearing, oh, well... that did not happen... I have not seen one photo of them holding a gun. The only "weapon" I have seen is the backpacks, and one of them is the WRONG COLOR.
A man died over this. Stripped of any due process, any chance at JUSTICE, he was executed to the cheering of the masses. It is the lions and the Muslims this time, and the cheering of the police looks SO MUCH like Nazi Germany it makes me physically ill.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


The guy they car jacked said one of them had a gun. The MIT security officer that was shot and killed by them. And the pictures taken by Kitzenberg from the shootout shows one of them with a gun aimed at police. Also the brother in custody said they had one gun and that's why they shot the MIT cop to try to get another gun, but there is a locking mechanism on the holster and they couldn't get it.

Who comes up with these

Who comes up with these terms?

Haircut= taking over half of your bank account. Isn't that theft? This has nothing to do with hair or a cut.

Friendly Fire= When one of your own shoots you. Isn't that poor judgment or a bad aim? It certainly isn't friendly!

Collateral Damage= dropping a bomb on houses killing non combat humans= terrorism. It is murder not damage. In the above article does it read officer was damaged?

Are most of us so brain dead if they call their crimes something else we actually believe them?

The same kindly folk who coined these terms

Enhanced interrogation (torture)
Sectarian violence (civil war)
Shock and awe (horror)


Looks Like This is Picking Up Steam

Quote:"State Police investigators have recovered more than 250 shell casings as they try to determine the sequence, direction, and source of the gunfire during the shoot-out. They also recovered several homemade explosive devices, including a pressure-cooker bomb that detonated on the side of a parked car.

“Those streets in Watertown were the most complex crime scene in the history of the Massachusetts State Police....”

The "NARRATIVE" has further changed......
Hey coppers!...Good Luck with this one!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I think there might be a real

I think there might be a real market for bulletproof insulation for homes. Especially on the street facing side in bullet riddled neighborhoods.

Try Sandbags

..available from local garden center or Wally-Mart.
Placed under the window sill from the floor up, make for an excellent "vantage point" when the SHTF.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Typical Police State BS

“It doesn’t change anything at the scene, friendly fire or not,” the official said. “These suspects set in motion a chain of events that required this kind of response.”

“Those streets in Watertown were the most complex crime scene in the history of the Massachusetts State Police,” Procopio said.

I can't seem to find any info

on how and why the MIT security guy got shot.

Heres another good one.

Cabbie believes he had close encounter with Marathon bomb suspects; picked up unusually heavy backpack...


So these two brothers were running around Boston the day before with Bombs in their back packs? Every day the story just gets more bizarre.

They say that they tried to get MIT officers gun...

Which is believable since they only had one gun. They failed to get the gun because the holster had a 'triple lock' - from what I gather, it isn't a key lock, but one where you have to do 'this, that, and this' to get the gun out.

"The second law enforcement

"The second law enforcement official said that whether Donohue was hit by friendly fire or not, officers were involved in a chaotic scene where they were trying to subdue a dangerous suspect. The suspect was shooting at police, and police were trying to protect themselves and each other by firing back, officials said."

Why dont they think about THAT when it is them initiating a firefight, if not, ACCEPT the valid accusation of double standards and everything that implies

Domestic and foreign