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Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Butler Shaffer - Cavemen?

Yep - all three of them have had great success on the primal (or ancestral health) diet, better known as a lifestyle. The primal lifestyle (a) rejects the government's socialist-corporate-influenced food pyramid (b) questions the conventional wisdom of the Big Food-Medical Establishment oligarchy, (c) and purges the Standard American Diet (gluten, sugars, fructose, industrial oils, processed foods, junk foods, junk beverages, etc.), while it teaches folks how to get back to eating real food and real fat in celebration of seeking independence from the establishment and embracing personal sovereignty and freedom of choice.

Lew Rockwell makes some brief statements about his primal life, here, in his podcast with me, "Government Hates Good Health."

For more - http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/106725.html

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Bump for the weekend folks

Bump for the weekend folks

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Yo M & H

Thanks for that. I listened to the interview with Lew & Karen. It's working for them and me. Interesting that Karen mentions using a microwave to heat steak and butter. I threw my microwave out.


I only use the microwave for its timer.


Yeah, I haven't microwaved food or drink for years.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Primal eaters ate:

No fried foods.

No nitrates and nitrites.

No vegetable oils. They turn to transfat when they oxidize, in the bottle or in the frying pan.

Eat lots of superfoods with high ORAC points to scavenge the bad stuff that gets in. I eat 100grams of dark chocolate a day for starters.

Human that get sufficeint quatntities of the 90 essential nutrients can avoid all diseases, congenital defects and reduce their chance of infections, and live a healthy life beyond 100.

Culture that have no medical care have 40x the 100 year old Americans do.

90% of American health care costs can be eliminated, leaving trauma and occasional infections. Get healthy.

Sweating without proper supplementation is suicide.

Free includes debt-free!

No nitrates and

No nitrates and nitrites.

Apparently, dietary sources of nitrates is insignfiicant compared to what the body produces on its own. Nitrates lower blood pressure?

Correct, I was not concise.

Nitrate and Nitrate cured meats.

Nitrogen containing amino acids are essential for making nitric oxide.

Rollup your sleeves and hum, watch the effects of nitric oxide on your blood vessels.

Free includes debt-free!

15.5 pounds down

since April 3rd for me. I cut out sugar, bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta. I feel great! I wake up immediately ready for the day. No after-lunch slump. I sleep better, and I feel mentally sharper.

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An easy 15 lb loss for me

An easy 15 lb loss for me too.

I lost 5lbs on it. I'm not

I lost 5lbs on it. I'm not exactly a big person but my girlfriend and I started on it in January and I slimmed some by cutting out the carbs.

Southern Agrarian

I so want to try it but I

I so want to try it but I have two problems and one question:

1. I love my starches T_T
2. My Wife hates fish

And now for my question: is it expensive?

1. Potatoes are good in

1. Potatoes are good in moderation, and sweet potatoes are better. A cup or so of white rice once a week or so is fine, especially after a good workout (replenishes glycogen stores in your muscles). IMO starches > any other carbohydrate in terms of taste, satiety, and health. Get those good workouts in there and use the carbs to your advantage. Keep them your lowest macronutrient, though. Aim for <80g a day I say, then a little higher (~120?) on the weekend. Find what works for you.

2. Me too; I'm not allowed to bring fish in the house. Fish isn't required, just healthy. You can get plenty of variety without fish. I like to have some for lunch at work sometimes because I like it and it won't bother her.

It is and it isn't. Good meats are "expensive", but a meal for two at McDonalds can be over $15 dollars. $8 dollars for steak, a few for veggies covered in butter, and you're set. Whole chickens are CHEAP (also thighs!), and can make a lot of soup that will last. Plus you won't be spending money on chips and cookies and such. I've saved money eating real food.

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This works

my dad so far has lost 30 lbs
my mom so far has lost 15 lbs
and i have a 6 pack now, and went from 190 to 195

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