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Liberty Candidate for Virginia State Senate Needs Your Help!

Hey all liberty activists!

We have a liberty candidate in Virginia running for Virginia State Senate, Christopher Stearns. Chris was a National Delegate to the RNC in Tampa, worked as the Virginia state coordinator for Ron Paul during 2012, is Virginia's 3rd Congressional District Chairman and has been actively involved in grassroots politics for several years now.

Chris is running against an Establishment Republican. Chris Stearns is a fellow Ron Paul supporter and has been a strong defender of limited constitutional government, and as you might expect, big government special interests have already started lining up to bring him down. As someone from Virginia said of this race: "Christopher Stearns is a great guy who has already had a real impact on Virginia politics. His opponent is an old fashioned establishment Republican who is a problem for us in the House, we don't need him in the Senate."

The primary is May 9th, so Chris needs all the help he can get! Spread the word to help raise funds for Chris.

Visit Chris' website & donate: http://www.stearnsforsenate.com/

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