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DHS and FBI Warn of Terrorists with Cameras Following Boston Bombing

"In the weeks and months ahead, we should expect more FBI and DHS bulletins calling into question activity previously considered normal and non-threatening. The point is to create an atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion on the part of law enforcement and emergency response personnel. The government will continue to exploit this manufactured fear and paranoia and direct a response against it in the direction of its political enemies."
pdf of FBI-DHS Bulletin http://static.infowars.com/2013/04/i/general/DHS-FBI-BostonM...

On April 16, the day after the attack in Boston, the DHS and FBI created a “Joint Intelligence Bulletin” instructing law enforcement and private sector safety officials on how they should identify and mitigate potential terrorist threats.

After stating that behavior outlined in the bulletin may “constitute the exercise of rights guaranteed by the US Constitution,” the DHS and FBI say “possible indicators” of terrorist activity include “[d]iscret use of cameras or video recorders, sketching, or note taking consistent with pre-operational surveillance.” Photography should be considered part of a “totality of behavioral indicators and other relevant circumstances” before “any law enforcement response or action,” according to the bulletin.


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