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Ron Paul on Alex Jones today 4/26/13 *updated*

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PHATHEAD ! Wake up and smell the coffee! Tim G rawks!

Phathead, in regards to your comment...
I don't how old you are and who you think you are to talk smack, but what have you personally done for anyone or any group of people?

The reason Alex Jones is so successful is because he continually brings little known facts out into the open. It's because of events such as the Jim Jones Jamestown Massacre that you mention, that we have the Alex Jones Muckrakers of the world. Don't you see that?

Or do you know anything about Jim Jones?

Or even a bit about Alex Jones?

Don't you understand there is information that is not reported to the public? And it is not for our benefit but the benefit of those in political power. Or do you think it is just a fluke that Doctor Paul never receives the respect he deserves by the main stream media? As far as I am aware, Alex Jones has been writing stories and conducting interviews with Doctor Paul since 1998.

What have you been doing? Nothing. That's right nothing.
Either wake up to the reality of our Republic's current situation or go back to the crib.

I apologize to everyone for the troll outburst, but Infowars is not the Daily Paul and the Daily Paul is no Infowars. But by God I am thankful for both!

And it may seem I am defending Mr. Jones, but what I am to say, is until liberty is main stream again, maybe we should discuss the details in the interview and not the alternative history believed by the one conducting the interview.

BTW, Tim G, that was an awesome comment!

Love the interview and Alex's

Love the interview and Alex's comments.

Maddow Continues To Vilify

Those Who Dare Question The Government's Stories And Now Ron Paul.
This display of sarcastic dumbness demonstrates to me that Rachel has swallowed the "I love Obama" pharmaceutical toxin. When Bush was Pres and she was on Air America, I liked to listen to her views on the senseless Iraq war, but now, seeing this clip, I can only say what she has unfortunately morphed into, is a commenter no longer worth hearing. The abject disparaging herein displayed is really disgusting, to say nothing of many half truths drawn out to ridiculous conclusions.
My Thanks to the source (whatreallyhappened.com) for the item.

AJ turned me on to RP

I had heard of Ron but his interviews on infowars really is what made me fully support him; then again I like AJ so I guess to some on here I'm part of the problem

Marketing Genius

I love the part where he sells stuff by saying he's not selling stuff.

Ron was great as always, AJ was a buffoon as always -

Why does this site keep turning into Infowars?

I am so sick Of Alex Jones and his Jonestown crew!

Maybe it's because Ron Paul keeps going on AJ's show

If you can find someone else in media whose stands independent of corporate interests and is able to give the good doctor a better place to be heard from; then by all means recommend them, or become that one better yourself.

Unless and until that happens, and God continues to spare AJ major harm; then I might suggest you get that sickness looked into. It might be painful during days like these, because Jones and his small crew appear to be still small enough for God to use, if I read it right.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

He's been on Sean Hannity a

He's been on Sean Hannity a few times... should this site turn into a Hannity fan site too?

Why compare Hannity with Jones here?

I can easily understand why a Hannity listen/watcher might be offended whenever Jones and crew cover history, current events, and/or documented scripting of future catastrophes written, sometimes, decades before by some of the same perps-in-high-places that we see in the news too often today; within and without public offices.

I would hope that Hannity might better persuade an audience to buy his packaged product. Would you please help me better understand your point by bringing up some particular time where Hannity really helped the cause of Liberty, and Ron Paul in particular; that I might better trust the sincerity of your reply?

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

I could care less if you

I could care less if you doubt me... Jones is no different than Hannity. They're both selling ads by being full of it.

And please stop with the heaping praise on AJ for having Ron Paul on his show as if that's some huge favor. Ron Paul is famous because of the Rudy Giuliani debate showdown... Saying AJ is doing us a big favor by having Ron Paul on to preach to the fruit loop choir is a joke that I'm sick of hearing. lol

You've made my point. Thanks

I asked why compare Jones and Hannity, and you answered, "no different".

Ron Paul always finds himself welcome and enjoys freedom of speech on AJ's show, vs. the combative, censoring defensive role that Hannity has often puts him in on his show. If you think they're equally, "full of it", then you obviously differ than Dr. Paul on this point. Jones and Ron Paul know that each has roles that differ in serving the cause of Liberty. Hannity knows it not!

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

AJ isn't serving anyone's

AJ isn't serving anyone's cause but his own.... as such, he is no different from Hannity. Montell Williams is a raging liberal who gives Dr. Paul better interviews. Neil Cauvuto is a conservative leaning libertarian who gives better interviews. Where's their pedestals like AJ gets?

'Jones and Ron Paul know that each has roles". That is seriously laughable to speak as if they're even close in influence or stature. That's like saying "The girl at the McDonald's Drive-Thru and Ron Paul know that each has roles".

AJ and the Girl at McD's have more common... they both peddle crap.

Plus, I always wonder how anyone is left alive to defend AJ... according to him, we should all be dead from Swine Flu by now... remember the special two hour reports from that million dollar set he had made up to broadcast the end of the world from? haha

Your right, AJ is of no real influence, nor significance anymore

His crew has totally overshadow him in popularity, and has totally hijacked his expensive studio to make ridiculous and nonsensical newscasts that no one who is ANYONE watches, like this one:


Your arguments are unassailable, and I'm certain that if you keep up the fine job your doing here, soon the name of Alex Jones will be a long forgotten memory that no one who is ANYONE will every quote, much less praise.

I dedicate the video contest feature at 4:39 in this video to you and the consciousness you have raised among us here. You have served well, Lord Vadar.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Wow, you're linked video has

Wow, you're linked video has over 301 views! You're right, AJ is sooo important. (Also, this has got to be the most boring video I've ever watched. Why's it called a newscast anyway? It's an infomercial for their contest.)

Anyway, I want to touch back on this point: why are you still alive? AJ said you should have been killed so many times by now.

If Hannity and his info appealed to many here...

...we probably would see more posts reflecting that. But we don't.

So apparently Jones is putting out something that strikes a chord with so many here, whereas Hannity is not.

I know... it made me sad when

I know... it made me sad when some MSM source quoted one of the infowariors on here about how they hate Rand... and attributed it to a leading Ron Paul site when it should have been identified as coming from an Infowars runoff site.

So only RP interviews done by others are acceptable here?

I guess Michael Nystrom didn't get your memo that only RP interviews with others, and only articles with other sources, are to be posted at this site.

Since Ron Paul keeps doing interviews with Jones, apparently he missed your memo, too.

Jiminy! baby please

I was trolling...I do that sometimes sorry.

I actually am in the opposite camp...I am not a huge fan of Alex, but I think he is harmless and shouldn't be complained about on here as often as he has been lately. I was trying to highlight how Ironic it is that Ron Doesn't seem to hate Alex, but a bunch of people on a Ron Paul website do.

Your response was exactly what I was hoping the Jones haters would see.

Thank you!

I was tempted to come on strong, glad it was humorous

I didn't know you were trolling for hollers, so I posted my response above before I read this far. I didn't get your angle then, but I got a chance to say something that I hope others might use and benefit from.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass


Sometimes sarcasm doesn't translate well in type. I should've known that kind of post wasn't like you. Thanks for the clarification. :)

And I share similar sentiment in that some things I like about Jones, some I don't. The rash of attacks we've seen lately aimed at Jones and at people who post his articles here, as well as the presumption that people who listen to his shows or read the articles from his site are mindless drones, serves no other purpose than troublemaking and division.

My sarcasm never translates well in type

One Time I made a big rant during one of the campaigns about how Ron Paul needed to do some self censorship on his stance towards the fed because it wasn't mainstream enough and people will think he is crazy. I was trying to prove some sort of point I believe in regards to all the people claiming his foreign policy views were too extreme.

The first reply was this huge rant back, but the person ended up saying..."unless this is satire; If it is you did really good and fooled me." So of course I had to play like I was serious for a couple counter replies. XD

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Loved the interview, but wish Alex had not interrupted the Good

Doc when he was talking about gold!! Stop it Alex!


Good interview covering many topics.

Particularly liked Dr. Paul's thoughts on Marshall Law in Boston.

Who's Marshall Law? I'm just

Who's Marshall Law?

I'm just teasing! (For the record, I agree with you.)

Ron Paul goes on the Alex

Ron Paul goes on the Alex Jones' radio show and nary a peep from those who have been on an anti-Infowars diatribe since the Boston Marathon.

What did you expect? He's

What did you expect? He's been on AJ a lot... AJ always puts words in his mouth.

Since you basically asked for it, I'll point out that Ron Paul doesn't speak of the problems as being the result of a conspiracy, but as he's called it, a conspiracy of bad ideas.

He also recently said that cover ups are usually because they want to cover up their ineptitude.

here's the direct Ron Paul-only segment from Alex Jones' YT page


just an alternate link.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Tube of just Ron

"Governments are supposed to protect our liberties. Once they decide they're going to make us safe, economically and physically safe, they can only do this by taking away our liberties and that's where we are. We seek safety rather than liberty."


Thanks for the video


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Thanks eduardo!