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Boston Photos: A Diversion From the Truth

I noticed something very interesting about all the photos of the Boston Marathon bomb #2 location. We are told that the photos showing suspect #2 and the crowd came from the Lord and Taylor camera across the street. Meanwhile, all the photos of suspect #2 and the crowds in front of the Forum Restaurant are directly across the street. Makes sense.

Until, that is, you actually check it out.

Go to:

Google Street Maps.

Type in "Lord and Taylor, Boylston Street, Boston MA" to locate the building. Zoom all the way in until you are at "street view." Look at the Lord and Taylor building. You can see the camera they are talking about up high on the corner of the building at the roof line. Then, "go to" that location within the Street Map and look at the direction it is in relation to the the Forum Restaurant. [Edit to Add: In Google, the location was called Vox but ownership changed and it is now called Forum. It is between Starbucks and Atlantic Fish Co.]

It is at a sharp angle. It is NOT directly across the street. There is no way that the photos we have been shown were taken from the Lord and Taylor building. Yes, they might have video footage from that camera. They probably do, but not the ones they released to the public.

Now, go to the Forum Restaurant in Street Maps and "park yourself" right in front of that building so that you have roughly the angle of the photos we've seen. Now, "turn around" and look at what building is directly opposite of the Forum Restaurant. It is the First Republic Bank building.

All of those photos of the crowd and suspect #2 that were taken directly across the street from the Forum Restaurant were NOT taken by the Lord and Taylor camera. They were taken by a camera from the First Republic Bank. There are even large windows on the second floor (or high on a tall first floor) where cameras could easily look straight across to the Forum Restaurant.

The address is 772 Boylston Street. Confirm the address at their website:

First Republic Bank

So, why is this interesting? Two reasons.

First, why are we told the photos are from Lord and Taylor when in fact they were from First Republic Bank?

Second, let's take a look at First Republic Bank. Look at the ...

First Republic Bank Board of Directors

Then, take a look at the types of connections many of those directors have. Go to ...


... and start putting in names of the directors to see all the connections to various big corporations, foundations, media, and government entities and individuals.

For example, type in the Founder/CEO "James H. Herbert II" into the search box. See the map of connections, then double click on any box with a "+" in the corner to expand that box. Click on "First Republic Bank" to see all the FRB directors who have connections. Click on William E. Ford to see all his connections. William E. Ford is on the Board of Trustees for Rockefeller University, among many others.

Muckety assigns a score up to 99 to give an idea of how deeply connected a person or institution is to the "NWO" for lack of better term. For example, David Rockefeller scores the highest at 99. William E. Ford scores a 97, and he's on the Board of Directors of First Republic Bank, which is where those key photos came from, even though were are told they came from somewhere else.

Click on "Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts" and notice all the connections, including Michael Bloomberg. Click on "Rockefeller University." You can see how so many things are interconnected through certain individuals sitting on the Boards of Directors or Boards of Trustees of so many organizations that get taxpayer money and/or government preferred status. First Republic Bank, though certain individuals on the Board of Directors, is a key player.

Anyway, seems interesting that we are told the camera footage is from someplace it is not, and the place it is from has a lot of, shall we say "interesting" connections.

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Check the Hospital's

Check out the hospital's board of directors too.

Wether it amounts to anything

Wether it amounts to anything or not, this is actually some pretty good detective work! Well done.

Muckety.com was interesting until...

I put in a random name I got when I looked at yahoo news (Jay-Z). Jay-Z and David Rockefeller both scored a 99, is there something I should know about Jay-Z or is it because his record label is named roc-a-fella? Just an observation the score doesn't mean shit unless you look at the other connections and develop your own opinion.

Who else is a 99, Mother Teresa?

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If I recall correctly

Jay-Z and Beyonce went to Cuba on vacation recently, which none of us regulars are allowed to do.

Perhaps that's the reason for the score.

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Good Point

99 points still seems high.

Freedom is Popular

U.S. Dept. of Interior

I just looked at one...Barrack and that is where it led to. That jumped out at me because DOI is in charge of Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Thanks this is

pretty cool. I never heard of Muckety before. Thanks!
Yes every word that comes across from the feds to the media is skewed. They keep putting their ranked feet in their own mouths.

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