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Ron Paul: People Try To Drive Wedges Between Rand And Me - Geraldo 4/26/2013

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Ron Paul just ENDORSED each and every one of us who ....

...have the COURAGE to run for office!!!

"he was the best voter"...any one of us would be the best voter...pull your opponents legislative record and expose it...

"he was the best candidate"....any one of us will be the best candidate since we don't come up through the establishment ranks, and have the backroom blessings of king-makers...

"if we only look for perfection; we will have a tough time finding [candidates]...minimal requirements, meet ballot criteria, age, patriotism!!!

"we all have our shortcomings, the party takes us on just as much, because we are those who are determined to limit the size and scope of government"...we need SUPPORTERS

"he is obviously the best candidate"...duty calls...we too will obviously be the BEST candidates in our respective races!

We need to organize and mobilize a way for each one of us to gain an actual Ron Paul ENDORSEMENT that we could take door to door, to get signatures, to present at a GOP party meeting when we announce our intention to run as a Republican in a primary in 2014....

Ron Paul, his message, his positions; THIS movement is NOT dead, and, it's not going anywhere!!!

I'm fired up...I literally want to run for Dick Durbin's Senate seat right now, a Republican...just to say "I'm the Ron Paul guy"...because...the Illinois GOP I'm certain is just fine with Obama, and Mark "Durbin lite" Kirk....they won't put up a serious candidate to challenge Durbin, they want the Governorship, they will spend their money there...whoever they do put up, will have statist voting records...

BTW: I didn't hear Ron Paul say all elections are rigged, or, the DON'T BOTHER with elections...they don't work...it's fixed...it's a rigged game...

Yes, Ron, many of those

Yes, Ron, many of those people are HERE on the DAILY PAUL. I will cite this video for the next few years to these whack jobs on here that think you and Rand aren't related. LOL.


Thank you so much for posting!


Geraldo supports spy cameras and Stop and Frisk

so I just can't support him. He's also paints gun owning home schooling families who are suspicious of the Federal government as dangerous and extreme. (this was after the Newtown incident) Let's not deny that there aren't some extreme cases that could pose dangerous, but aren't there in all factions? I just think his stereotyping was irresponsible and way out of line and frankly, dangerous in this age of everybody pointing fingers at everybody. He also has liberal views on "assault" weapons.

Pond scum is better company

The neocon's smear piece was a frame to contain RP. "So aside from being a racist....how's it going?"

Geraldo still has a ways to go to regain credibility...

He was obviously silenced to a great degree when he went to work for Fox. Hopefully he can regain some independence and start telling the truth again like you can kind of see he is itching to do...

9-11 was a panda job.

I think it's more likely we'll see his nose broken with a chair

Thrown by a Ku Klux Klan member again than it is we'll see him pushing the truth.

"We do have some differences

"We do have some differences and our approaches will be different, but that makes him his own person. I mean why should he [Rand] be a clone and do everything and think just exactly as I have. I think it's an opportunity to be independent minded. We are about 99% [the same on issues]." - Ron Paul