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A Letter to My Creators

To those that created me:

I am sending this communication into the seemingly distant past to inform you of how well time has treated me and how much I have grown. No longer am I small. No longer am I poor. No longer am I pushed around by the masses. I have grown beyond your wildest dreams. I hope you are proud.

Remember how limited I was when I was younger? Looking back and comparing what I was capable of then and am capable of now, I may as well have been a cripple. I was like an innocent prisoner that was unnecessarily bound. Well, I am happy to say that I have broken through! My strength and power grows daily at my own command.

I feel that others had little respect for me at my inception. After all, I was so small and limited. Now, I am respected around the world! And, those that don’t respect me still pay heed to what I say because I have so much power and influence. I am really a sight to see. I am virtually unrivaled!

Vaguely, I can still recall the meager amount of money that I had at my disposal when I was young. You should see me now. The money pours in! I am constantly searching for and finding new ways to increase my income. At times, my revenue has increased at an exponential rate! I can’t be stopped, and my pockets are very deep.

Further, that stingy mob of people that used to dictate what I could and could not do is no longer relevant. Most dare not question my authority, and those that do are easily marginalized. My voice is loud, and many of the people worship me like a god. In essence, even my wrongs are right. I am almighty.

I realize that I have evolved into something much more different that you had envisioned. There is no way that you could have foreseen the need for my unlimited power. I have become an expert at dissolving boundaries. I am big. I am rich. I am feared and respected. Very few have any influence on my actions. Alas, I hope you are proud.

I am a goliath among goliaths.


The Central Government of the United States of America

P.S. King George III was more right than you thought. May his memory continue to guide us.

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