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City punishes residents who call police for help. (Contrast with suspended teacher story.)

Now, I am firmly of the opinion that no situation is so bad that you will not make it worse by dialing 9-1-1, but people often point out that the cops do dangerous and good things, like intervene in domestic violence. Well, as I see it, the upside here is that people are becoming afraid to call the cops for help, now if they just had someone they COULD call, who was there to HELP, things might get better.
These goons get paid to respond to calls, now they are going to make you pay for making them respond to calls.

I am SICK of "law enforcers" who are held above the law. They are no longer even willing to pretend to be of any service. They just go kill people who bother them, then take a nice paid vacation, come back for a promotion. Meanwhile, teachers get suspended for teaching gardening - he brought "weapons" to school. Seriously.

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You've got to be one nasty

individual to produce an ordinance like that out of a city council. Norristown should get a Darwin Award.

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Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

This story just reaffirms the

This story just reaffirms the true value of the police department. Our police force is like a mean bull with its penis cut off. It just runs around terrorizing and goring anything in its path and yet has no useful purpose.