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Gun Owners of America: Magazine Limits Endanger Safety

"...When Matthew Murray entered the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, intent on killing hundreds of people, it was Jeanne Assam (one of the worshipers there) who fired off 10 rounds before Murray was critically injured enough to halt the attack and end his own life.

Good thing there was only one attacker. If Assam had used a reduced-capacity magazine or there were multiple attackers, hundreds of innocent congregants would have been out of luck. As would have those New Orleans residents who, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, discharged more than two dozen rounds during one firefight, where they fended off a roving gang in the Algiers neighborhood.

When people's lives are on the line, why should President Obama be able to limit their ability to defend themselves with larger, standard capacity magazines? We wouldn't dare subject the police to a 10-round magazine limit — and with good reason. A study of the NYPD found that New York cops (in 2000) fired an average of 16 shots per incident when facing armed attackers. But police aren't the only ones who face multiple offenders. A study of self-defense cases over a five-year period revealed that citizen-defenders faced multiple attackers 36% of the time. Another study put the figure at over 50%..."

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