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Jack Blood on Boston Bombing w/ Kurt Haskell

Kurt Haskell is the eye witness attorney that was a first hand observer to the underware bombing a few years back. Kurt’s eyes are now open as he and Jack Blood ask the hard questions about what may or MAY NOT have happened in Boston….

Great discussion. Gives you some food for thought.


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Bump for truth! I like this

Bump for truth! I like this Jack Blood guy, listened to him a few times before, seems to have his heart in the right place. P.S. Kurt Haskell is a great American!

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Kurt Haskell is bonafide.

Jack Blood is a good guy...

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Another short video: Artificially created smoke/dust Boston

Is this video real? I don't know what to believe anymore.


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Analyze this: Does the amputee's leg really fall off?

I find this hard to believe, but yet there it is. Will await what others have to say about this short video.
Boston Bomb Hoax Fake Leg Bone Prosthetic Falls Off


Think this through a little

Think this through a little bit and see if you can answer my questions.

Your video shows Jeff Bauman, that is the person that anyone who buys into the "actors" "staged" theory points to every time it seems. So my point is that it should be very easy to prove one way or another.

If you believe it is Jeff Bauman "acting" like he lost his legs, then are we to believe that Jeff Bauman is going to "act" like he lost his legs for the rest of his life? He is famous, he is the one who identified one of the bombers, he would have to "act" that out for the rest of his life.

If you believe it is Nic Vogt or some other amputee actor that they are saying is Jeff Bauman, is he going to give up his real life and "play" Jeff Bauman for the rest of his life? What is Jeff Bauman going to do? Did the real Jeff Bauman agree to leave his family and friends behind forever and assume some new identity?

What about the other 13 people who had to have amputations? All these same questions apply to all 13 other people with amputations, are they going to "act" like they had limbs amputated for the rest of their lives? Or do they all have look-alike amputee actors who are taking over their lives and going to "play" as them forever?

Also if you said amputee actors, what about their family and friends? How would it be explained to them that they disappeared forever? What if their family and friend see them at some point, won't they recognize them and blow their cover? What about Jeff Bauman's family, friends, and co-workers, have they all agreed to "act" like this amputee actor is Jeff now?

I got more if you don't realize the impossibility of this with those questions.

Here is my question for you.

How hard would it be to produce a photo of Jeff on two legs a month ago? I am not saying WHAT is going on, I am saying there are serious inconsistencies. If it were me, and I had just gone through such a horrific accident and people were saying I faked it, I would open a friggin' facebook account just to post the pics of me with my legs, and the pics of me legless. I am not saying he has to do that, I am just saying it seems like human nature to me, to want to prove your innocence.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Again no attempt to answer or

Again no attempt to answer or reconcile these questions that must be answered to believe this theory.

Jeff had to have both his legs amputated, he is still in the hospital. He has alot of surgeries to go through. I'm guessing he's not worried about the few people gullible enough to believe he is faking it at this point. This is a guy who has friends, family, coworkers and other people that know him and have known him through his life. They know he had legs. His facebook page, his dad's and the page made for his support after the fact all have pictures of him with legs, including some very recent pictures.
Listen to Jeff himself talking to some radio guys that know him personally before the bombing, and have been talking about him since it happened.

It is not my duty to answer ANY questions!

I HAVE questions. You don't answer them either. I made an observation about how I THINK I would react, because it is something that puzzles me. Why do you feel the need to attack people because they stand back and ask questions? I don't claim to KNOW anything, except that there are too many inconsistencies for me to take the story at face value. I'd like the inconsistencies cleared up. My concern is about two SUSPECTS taken into custody still walking and now one is dead and one is maimed in a hospital.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I am not attacking anyone. I

I am not attacking anyone. I can clearly see your concern is for the two suspects. To me it seems you are looking for anything you can call an inconsistency, you are not looking to clear up inconsistencies. That was what my whole line of questioning was about as to the "acting" theory, was to walk through the impossibility of maintaining such a hoax and thus clear up that "inconsistency" you observed. That along with all the other evidence I have posted since that theory was thrown out days ago. That theory CAN and will be proved correct or false with 100% certainty. I maintain it has already been proven false to most reasonable unbiased people. Most of my posts in reply to you and others have been exactly that, posting information to help clear up inconsistencies. I'm not sure why you see it as attacking. My concern is justice for the people who were killed, maimed and hurt by the bombers and I have seen no reason at all to not believe the brothers were at least involved in it.

I have never said I do not think the brothers were involved.

I suspect they were set up, and all the communication with the FBI and CIA family connections and such... they do not make me doubt my suspicions, even if they do not prove them.
My concern is for JUSTICE. Funny thing about TRUE justice is that one size fits all! Killing the patsies and leaving the mastermind to plan the next murder is not justice.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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"My concern is justice for the people who were killed,.."

This is just how the government wants you and us to think. They want us to keep that narrow focus and not keep our eyes on the bigger picture. While we are distracted by wanting justice for these unfortunates, the government is going about its business of gun confiscation, internet control, currency debasement, and more wars of aggression.

Our starting points with investigating these types of events are diametrically opposed to one another. Your starting point is that you accept the official government story, and we must prove it wrong. Ours is that we do not accept any of the government story, and all must be proven to be correct and consistent.

You obviously have no idea

You obviously have no idea how I think or where my starting point in investigation is. The government has nothing to do with my concern being for the people who were hurt and killed. I am far from ignorant of the fact that the government lies. I don't understand the disconnect here. Once something is proven to me to not be true, I don't keep asking but what if it is? To me it has been proven that a real bomb went off at the Boston Marathon and hurt and killed people. Since it is being discussed I've wished to pass that knowledge on to others on the DP by asking questions and showing pictures and sharing links that I believe should lead others to come to the same belief. Either 3 people died never to be seen again and 14 people now are missing limbs they had before the Boston Marathon or not, there is no way around that fact. I think it's been proven by pictures and articles with others testimonies that there is in fact people who lost limbs and people who were injured and people who died, from a bomb. I don't see how anybody can present a coherent anywhere-near-believable-or-possible theory for how 14 people are going to act like they had limbs amputated for the rest of their lives. Of why someone would give up their 8 year old son for the rest of his life to god knows who just to cover for a fake bombing for the government.
It seems to me that some people will not believe it unless they can go in Jeff Bauman's hospital room and have them unwrap his bandages and check out his amputation wounds. Maybe some recent pre-Boston Marathon videos of him in shorts with close ups of his legs to top it off. By all means have at it and record the whole process and then put it on youtube. But then some will call it fake anyway.

wild goose chase

You cant simply abracadabra all the inconsistencies away by focusing on Jeff whatever his name is. They exist, these videos, the facts, human anatomy, science and common sense still apply no matter how much you try to reason they shouldn't because Jeff Bauman is laying in a hospital bed somewhere. I get your point, but your argument is speculative, the video of that guy throwing dust and some dudes fake bone leg falling off are real and deserve honest attention.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

I agree

"You cant simply abracadabra all the inconsistencies away by focusing on Jeff whatever his name is."

So answer any of my questions about him or any of the other 13 people who had amputations or the 3 people that died.

"some dudes fake bone leg falling off"

As I said you cannot see what is picked up.

I understand your point

but I am not going to dismiss everything that does exist that I can see in favor of what I am told exists that I can not see.

my goal is not to prove a vast conspiracy of actors in a staged event, but rather to be able to accept a more likely scenario that does not require a full suspension of disbelief on my part.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

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As I said: I find this hard to believe, but yet there it is.

Understand your points. I take it then that both of these videos should just be discarded onto the trash heap of conspiracy theory history and not be looked at.

As EdSchill said (in jest): So what if his fake bone leg falls off and that guy throws a bag of dust on everyone, that was like two weeks ago." Since you can't explain these two videos, it's easier to just not consider them at all. I cannot easily explain them, which is why I put posted them here. Who knows if they are even from that day or not. I'm just asking questions.
(I did not do the down voting. I am just trying to find the truth.)

I don't believe from this

I don't believe from this video it can be determined what it is that falls and is picked up, my explanation would be that it is whatever was wrapped on that leg. Not saying I know for sure, because like I said you can't see what it is in this video, but that seems to me to be the most likely answer. I don't think you can give me any explanation to any of my questions that make any sense.

The other video I admit to not knowing wtf is going on, but I also don't see how that lends any credibility to the "acting" claim as I don't see how that in any way helps.

It's not like this hasn't been discussed, it was the main topic for two days which prompted Nystrom to put a stop to it. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with asking questions, I am saying that if you think this through then you realize that if this was "staged" and just people "acting", then it can and will be found out, it is not something that can be hidden forever. Maybe "acting" the scenario out that day could work (I don't think so personally) to fool people for that day, but going forward there would be no way to keep it secret. There are 3 people dead and 14 people with limbs amputated or there is not, that can be determined for 100% sure one way or another, do you disagree?

Only thing I am advocating is thinking that theory through for what would be necessary going forward to keep that secret if that was the case. I don't see how you can hold to that theory after you do.

thought crime

It doesn't matter what you see in this video, ok...so just forget it ...alright. This is not even permitted here. So what if his fake bone leg falls off and that guy throws a bag of dust on everyone, that was like two weeks ago.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

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lol. It's news that is two weeks old. Good one.

You just helped me laugh about all of this. Thanks.

Ha!!! if you don't laugh a little this stuff will make you nuts

Btw, I showed my wife these videos. The same woman that rolls her eyes should I ever question the msm narrative that she relies on for information. Here is her response "there is no way I can believe that was anything but staged".

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

That had to be sweet!

I've often wondered how I would have survived waking up if my husband had stayed in la-la-land, kudos to sticking with her until she finally saw it. I sincerely hope this leads to a new level of love and trust in your relationship, you have earned it!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The question is....

will she stay awake?

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb


I actually worked with a good guy who retained Kurt Haskell as his personal attorney. I always tried to mention to my coworker how significant Kurt Haskell is. He heard me but he barely gave me any response at all. Odd lack of reaction to such a huge story involving a person he highly respected.

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Link works fine.

Listening now. Thanks.

Hi Daily Pauler

Link not working for me.

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Thanks Paul......


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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Doesn't work for me either




I put new link up. You can go to this page. Theres several ways of linking there.


Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks