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Author of 'Comes the Southern Revolution' Joins Unleash Independence Radio

Author of Comes the Southern Revolution Joins Unleash Independence Radio to discuss how to publish your own book without going through a major publisher.

James brought up some amazing information about Abe Lincoln that I have never heard before. I encourage EVERYONE to listen to the information he puts forth, search out the truth, and share with your friends.

Listen to the interview segment here: http://www.unleashindependence.com/76/post/2013/04/james-r-e...

James says,

As a student of U.S. History it’s always fascinated me how one side of the conflict could be so different than the other. To the Northerners, Slavery was one of the main causes of the Civil War. To the South it was States Rights.

To the Northerners, the South had such a large amount of their economy tied up in the institution of slavery that the aristocracy could not afford to abolish it.

To the Southerners, the North was two-faced about slavery. They believed the North didn’t really care about the slaves. They just wanted to force their will on the South. It was more than whether a new state would be slave or free. It was if the North would be able to control the South. They main reason they believed that slavery wasn't one of the foremost reasons for the Civil War was proved by the North not enacting the Emancipation Proclamation at the beginning of the war. To do so could’ve alienated Slave States that chose not to secede with the other Slave States (I.E.: Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri, and the newly formed State of West Virginia which had itself seceded from Virginia).

During my twenty-eight years of service in the Marines and Army National Guard I participated in many computer war games. One such event was held at Ft. Lee, VA. During one of our days off a friend and I toured the Petersburg National Battlefield. After walking the same route those soldiers traveled decades ago, we caught up with a Virginia Army National Guard Battalion that was also walking the battlefield as part of a Battle Staff Exercise. When they stopped at the major points of the battlefield each Staff Officer briefed the Battalion Commander on their area of responsibility.

It was fascinating to hear these Soldiers, in American Army uniforms saying: “At this point the Federals had two-thousand Soldiers dug in; we had our fifteen-hundred Soldiers massing for an attack at dawn…” It was obvious which side of the Civil War (“War Between The States” in their terms”) they were on.

I wondered: “What if some well-connected members of the Southern Aristocracy were to resume the War?”

In answering my own question I drew on events that I’ve witnessed over the years.

Purchase James' book here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/147507977X/ref=as_li_tf_til?tag=unl...

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