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Nutjob California Democrats PASS bill to ALLOW non-citizens to serve on juries in state court cases - Outrageous!

The California State Assemby passes a bill allowing non-citizens to serve on Jury Trials.

I am going to say this is UnConstitutional in a big way as it violates the Due Process clause of the United States because you are not allowing a trial by jury of your peers (which must be citizens), this will be struck down.

In addition, if Jerry Brown signs this, the people of California need to re-call him.


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A perfect grounds for appeal if there ever was one...

... I am surrounded by morons in California!


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

some California civil servants are flaky.

they are setting themselves up for other country's civil servants to weigh in a very defined cultural consent...this is indubitable alarming.

I see CA losing appeal after

I see CA losing appeal after appeal for not having a Jury of peers. Is a non citizen an equal in they eyes of the law?

Jury of one's peers n. a guaranteed right of criminal defendants, in which "peer" means an "equal." This has been interpreted by courts to mean that the available jurors include a broad spectrum of the population, particularly of race, national origin and gender. Jury selection may include no process which excludes those of a particular race or intentionally narrows the spectrum of possible jurors. It does not mean that women are to be tried by women, Asians by Asians, or African Americans by African Americans.

California is a big joke

This is right up there with polygamy in Utah.

why does a jury of peers have to be citizens?

If you live in an area which has a lot of non-citizens then they would be your peers. Also, if a non-citizen committed a crime and they went to trial who would a jury of their peers be? This goes both ways.

I guess it all depends whether you believe in open borders or not. I tend towards more freedom all around.

I understand what you are

I understand what you are saying... fuck it right!!! Let us have Chinese communists serving on juries. Or some other people that have no allegiance to this country and want to do it harm. The US is doing a good enough job of destroying its own country we don't need help from outside.

How can they be equal if they

How can they be equal if they are not bound by the constitution?

Because non citizens are not your peers

They do not pay taxes, they have no right, no more right to be on a jury trial than to live in your house without your permission.

what a joke this nation has

what a joke this nation has become.

Fuck that bill I wouldn't

Fuck that bill I wouldn't want to be tried by a jury of Mexican nationals as my peers.

It'll likely get stuck down by the courts

It'll be a precedant setting -very important case -worth fighting for..

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007


They are just doing the jobs Americans dont want to do LMFAO

freedumb is not free!

They took our jobs!!

They took our jobs!!

the goobacks! lol!


I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy


that was great, you mind if I borrow that?

I would love if you did!!

It felt my pretty clever running through my head today lol.

freedumb is not free!

That comment was pretty

That comment was pretty awesome!


Just reminded me of a scene from fightclub,so being clever how is that working out for you.

freedumb is not free!

My state is so messed up

and there is little hope that anything will change as Democrats have a super majority in both the senate and the assembly. This was talked about on the Hedgecock radio show yesterday.

I'm going to talk to my state Rep

to author a bill that would not recognize and state jury that had non-citizens on it.

So for example if a California jury found someone guilty of possessing a firearm illegally, then Missouri would not recognize that juries decision and it would not be a detriment to that person if they moved here and we would not extradite them to California.


Don't you wish we could just start a new state, where we like-minded people could live in?


is the crazy future of the US, time to put a fork in this kind of garbage.