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Boston Victim in CNN "Spotlight" Works for Raytheon Defense Contractor

JUST an observation

Press conference w/ Heather Abbott
"It immediately reminded me of 9/11, um something I'd seen on t.v."...

‘Real Housewives’ Star Aviva Drescher Visits Boston Bombing Victim Heather Abbott

Heather Abbott: 5 Facts

1. Heather Abbott Was Injured in the Boston Bombing.
2. Amputating Her Left Foot Was Her Best Option.
3. Works for Raytheon, an American defense contractor and industrial corporation.
4. Abbott is One of 16 Victims to Have Had Legs or Feet Amputated
5. On the same day of the blast, first lady Michelle Obama visited Abbott. She gave her a "challenge coin," a token usually given to wounded service members and their families.

http://www.linkedin.com/pub/heather-abbott/5/a55/390 Defense & Space

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Quick! Someone post her Facebook so we can check for legs!! Even if they're there they will be photoshopped.

She's an actor!!

A slave of the gubmint!!

/sarcasm + *facepalm*

STOP with these threads. They bring EVERYONE into disrepute!!!!

Texas Instruments became Raytheon here in Austin.

Several thousand people worked at T.I. making electronic stuff for T.I., Lexmark and Dell. Computer companies outsourced some of their stuff to them. Then everyone started outsourcing outside the country and T.I. shut down but everyone stayed on when Raytheon took over. As far as I've heard, they still are making electronic thingy jiggys.

My aunt worked here for Lockheed-Martin as an assembler.

Just because they work for a corrupt evil company does not mean they do big bad dirty stuff, they could be working on an assembly line making stuff to earn a living to feed their family.

"Just because they work for a corrupt evil company...

does not mean they do big bad dirty stuff, they could be working on an assembly line.."...Exactly why I stated JUST an observation...At least you're not arguing against Raytheon being evil..But she certainly does not work on the 'assembly line' either, that was available in one of the links..for the record.

De criminalize Liberty!

Very Odd...

I won't say a word. lol


As always, waiting for evidence, here.

Free includes debt-free!