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Fauxsclusive! A New Batch of Oddly Disturbing George W. Bush Paintings?

I couldn't decide whether to file this under Art or Weird Stuff.Scroll dow to view all 5. The descriptions underneath each piece is a MUST read.

Thanks to the illegal but entertaining efforts of a mysterious hacker named “Guccifer,” America recently learned that George W. Bush is as accomplished an artist as he was a president. His oeuvre now runs to some two dozen (known) paintings, with subject matter ranging from portraits of dogs and cats to portraits of weirdly limbless dogs and cats. He has also painted still lifes, landscapes, and at least two self-portraits en toilette.

“People are surprised,” Bush said in a recent interview with the Dallas Morning News, referring to his newfound passion. “Of course, some people are surprised I can even read.”

Vanityfair.com has come into possession of five new paintings that appear to suggest Bush has been applying his brush to other motifs.

Untitled, date unknown (oil and pastel on canvas). This painting represents yet another example of Bush’s facility with head-on compositions and flat perspectives, as well as a fondness for “pretty” still lifes at odds with his “macho Texan” public image.

Untitled, date unknown (acrylic on canvas). A skilled painter of puppies, Bush breaks new ground here by focusing on what appears to be a Boston terrier rather than the Scotties that dominate his early canvases.

Untitled, date unknown (oil and Crayola on canvas). Another dog painting. Note the naive rendering of clouds, perhaps intended, in the manner of Renaissance portraiture, as a symbol of the pet’s childlike loyalty to its master.

Untitled, date unknown (poster paint on canvas). A well-rendered portrait, possibly of a friend or professional acquaintance. Bush skillfully captures the subject’s rather formal outward mien while at the same time conveying a sense of inner emotionality.

Untitled, date unknown (gouache and Magic Marker on canvas). Bush’s use of color is nothing short of masterful here, indicating a profound engagement with the work of artists such as Matisse, Klee, Diebenkorn, and Gacy.


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I'm 'certain' that VanityFair will also feature

ones on oBUSHma and his continuing Drone Murders and tortures at Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Gitmo & other assortment of warcrimes and domestic policestate....

any time now....

still waiting.......

Predictions in due Time...

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They DO look like his style, though. And didn't he sign some of his others with 43?

Had me going for a second. I

Had me going for a second. I hope everyone realizes Bush did not actually paint these.

yeah. wasn't sure on the provenance of these...

they look nice and all but could easily be computer generated productions.

Real GWB paintings are not of actual real familiar images.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

I have some serious

I have some serious reservations on psychological state of #43.

No.7's picture

These paintings are friggin weird

and your captions are very funny.

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Wish I could take credit, but they aren't my captions

Vanity Fairdid them- "(Alexandra Beggs contributed assistance on questions of provenance.)"