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Vermiculture: Worm Farming For Fun and Profit (mostly fun)


Everyone seems to be in the gardening mood now that spring is finally here

Red worms are the best producers of organic fertilizer on the planet other than eels (which live in the ocean and produce fertilizer there.)

Worm Forum: http://vermicomposters.ning.com/forum

On (and in) land, red worms aerate soil, fertilize plants, and entertain the children. Here are some handy tips.

-Short worms are better than long worms. They have longer to live and weigh less so they cost less to ship.

-Red worms, or eisenia fetidae, are not smarter than other worms, even though their first name kind of sounds like 'Einstein.'

-If you order red worms from a supplier on ebay or wherever, when the box with tiny holes in it comes in the mail tell the delivery person 'At last it's here. Did you know they charge the same for a baby as an adult for a plane ticket nowadays?' Try to keep a straight face.

-If a worm poops on your hand don't worry - it's just dirt.

-Keep your worm tub moist but not wet, cool and aerated.


Anyone else have any worm-farming tips or forums to share?

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