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Police State goes even Further..."My Cat"!

A little while back for my birthday I got a new kitten....I took him in to the local vet to get his first shots, and had him neutered...all of the normal stuff, then today I go to the mail and see an official letter from the state....I open it up and it is a BILL for a cat license...THE VET IS REQUIRED TO GIVE MY INFO TO THE STATE!! And a cross reference is done to see if my cat is licensed. All of the info on my CAT has been turned over to the state. His name, Rabies info....My info....Can you believe this?? I have had animals all of my life, and this is the first time this has happened......I can not believe how the state imposes fees onto everything. Every day...when you think it can't get any worse....It does. The Cat police may be kicking in my door.It just never ends.

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I Think It's Bigger Than Realized

One upon a time, way way back when domestic cats became feral, there was a hue and cry in Washington about felines running freely unconstrained by statute and regulation. The politicians met in secret committee (as usual) and vigorously debated the ramifications of such independence.

"What would happen if the people get the same idea?" they exclaimed. "We can't allow these free range cats to set an example, we must put a stop to it!"

Congress agreed and passed the MEOW Act.

The MEOW (Make Everyone Obligate to Washington) Act requires all persons to license items of personal property such as but not limited to: cats, birds of prey and chipmunks (North American variety, all others, exempted).

Also, cockatoos and parrots that exhibit foul and vulgar language must be registered as "Elocution Offenders" and be placed in a national database to be monitored by the FBI (Federal Bird Intelligence).

There was a photo op with the president and the major congressional sponsors as they smiled smugly and watched the Chief Executioner sign the bill into law. The country is once again safe from these dangerous animals.

However the hard-working congress is not done. They are going right back to work on more legislation to guard against unruly canines.

It will be called the WOOF (Washington Obligates Our Freedoms) Act. Bow wow to us all.

Did you get him declawed?

If not, let when they come for the cat, throw him at them. He'll take it from there... OK, OK, we don't want the kitty getting hurt... If it is any comfort, consider it an indication of just how near financial collapse these goons are.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Don't reply!!! They can't do anything to you if you don't reply!! Up theirs!!!

it isn't the state.... it's your county!

That is truly amazing. Heck, that is as much if not more than licensing a vehicle in Oregon. Looks like you need to move out of Multnomah County.

Send them a photo...

Send them a photo of a dead cat and demand a refund .


What if they check paw prints or do kitty facial recognition?

Then they would be guilty of harboring a fugitive, and possibly, terrorist feline!

Haven't you heard about the recent kitten juggling scandals?


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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I'm terribly sorry but God made the kitten

It seems to me that you should be sending him the bills. What we really need is legislation making it illegal for any god to create unlicensed animals.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

a WAY AROUND that situation is----

If you have an INDOOR CAT, you won't need any shots, and you won't have to report anything, until he/she is old and starts having problems. Then, I still don't think a Vet would ask for a license. What state is this in?

Anyway, that's my idea.

They need the info for when they put out a BOLO for

cat burglars!

Not the cat police

I wasn't here, you didn't see me. ;)

Just open the box and see

If kittens are outlawed...

then only outlaws will have kittens.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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