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Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul / Alex Jones Anti-government fringe opportunist #InfoWarsPickupLines

and Glenn Beck.


BTW in my DP profile my location has been FEMA Region 5 for a few years now. :)

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Looks like...

Infowars is winning.

Ha Ha She Said FALSE FLAG!

Now more people are gonna look it up and LEARN! Dumb broad! Also shows what a traitor this bitch is to the American public doesn't it?


Funny Character

So she claims Ron Paul & Alex Jones are "Rackets" while she worked for years under GE(now NBC's owned by Comcast) that doesn't pay taxes & made money off of "KILLING PEOPLE" & while they might not sells pants like Beck(who i dislike) at least he doesn't try a sell people psychotropic drugs that cause people to kill themselves like lovely NBC does :) Does she even know what a racket means?

Actually pretty good episode!

Enjoyable to watch :)

I am Ron Paul

Good episode? You mean the

Good episode? You mean the same old accusations of racism, conspiracy theorists, homophobia nonsense in an effort to paint Ron Paul and others in a bad light?

Rachel Maddow is a filthy you know what...

She is trying to connect people who don't like Obama as racist, nuts, etc

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

She says Alex Jones says the moon landing didn't happen...

Funny thing is, Alex actually debunked that hoax by interviewing actual astronauts who explained that the footage was re-shot as the film didn't survive re-entry through the gamma rays of the ... belt.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.


the video feed was transmitted, they didn't need to carry film back.

Multiple other countries picked up the transmission, plus independent ham radio guys could pick up transmissions.

Van Allen belt?

Van Allen belt?

yeah, that's the one.

my brain was stuck on 8 letters, one word.

The Van Allen Radiation Belt. And not gamma rays but beta rays.


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Well, satellites and the

Well, satellites and the Hubble telescope pass through them pretty regularly you know.

They take the belts into account when they design things to pass through them.

Beats me. Some guy named Buzz Aldrin...

claims he's an astronaut. I never heard of him...

3:30 mark:

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

I'm sorry I'm on the move,

I'm sorry I'm on the move, can't look at videos. Do you mind posting the relevant conversation?

I'm sure if Buzz Aldrin had admitted they were faked it would have made the NEWS =D He punched a Japanese reporters for alleging that once so he feels strongly about the issue.


I have been in 10 for a while but have lived in 5, 8, 9, and 10 and I have been to all 10 of them! Now everybody watching her show will be looking up FEMA regions. That's pretty funny.

Mr Rachel Maddow Calling Dr

Mr Rachel Maddow Calling Dr Ron Paul "Overtly Racist", sounds like a winning Libel and Slander law suit. I would be filing a law suit right away on this.

There's nothing wrong with do it yourself crime scene investigation work. DIY-CSI.

Good point

She does seem to get carried away and oversimplify things, and she might inadvertently say some things she later regrets (because they would be false accusations and hasty generalizations).

I am Ron Paul

Maddow on AJ

The message we are supposed to pull away from this is that the MSM is afraid of losing viewers to Alex Jones, so they mock and belittle (and even to some extent misrepresent) his views. That is what we are meant to believe. But they aren't really afraid of Alex Jones or his websites, they are much more afraid of being totally invalidated as news organizations. There are a few subjects that AJ WILL NOT TOUCH. One of them is fabricated media presented as news with respect to major events like 911 and Boston. AJ otherwise provides some decent info not seen on MSM, but in these respects, he is a Gatekeeper. He simply will not address proven fakery. He won't either because he'll lose a lot of his fan base or because he will lose some broadcast power he borrows from major networks. I like AJ, but he is, in some respects, controlled opposition. By diverting attention to AJ, they divert it away from their version of events, to AJ's version of events, because neither of those two events looks into evidence that there has been some fabrication going on with respect to the media. You get Version A or Version B, but no, there is no Version C.


That doesn't really make sense. You realize that?

I am Ron Paul

Here's what I'm saying.

It makes perfect sense if you consider that there's more than Option A (MSM official narrative, including their suspects), and Option B(AJ's Blackwater Suspects). The MSM doesn't care really which you believe, so long as you don't question the footage itself, rather than the conclusions they are drawing and AJ is drawing from that footage.

Most people are willing to go to the theater and see Aliens blow up cities (Independence Day) and suspend disbelief for an hour or so for entertainment. What they are not willing to do is question news organizations video and reporting, or even entertain the idea that they could be complicit in concocting stuff for a higher agenda.

I realize that there's a lot of crap out there and far reaching conclusions that are quite a stretch. But that doesn't mean all of it is.

Just remember that MSM is Corporate News, most shares are owned by Big Banks, who get all the bail out money and can print money like mad to buy up companies. The MSM major news networks aren't really competing with each other.

I am pretty sure

that people on websites like this are hypercritical of any media that the MSM puts out. Examples are when AJ investigated the fake bin laden videos etc. You don't seem to have a real point to your argument TBH. To me, it sounds like you're just trying to divide us based on an illogical argument. I know you're probably not a government agent who gets paid to make faux arguments on websites that are critical of the government, but if there was a govt agent that did that I bet they would sound a lot like you. :) You've made your argument and I've made mine, I'm not gonna discuss this anymore.

I am Ron Paul

I agree that many people here

I agree that many people here are, or at least most seem to be, hypercritical of MSM media. But it's usually only up to a point. I don't know if you've noticed, but have a look at some of my recent replies here at daily Paul - you can't - because them and the threads are deleted. Those threads are about media fakery with regards to the Boston incident.

If you call into AJ's show and bring up doco's like September Clues, you won't get air time. He shuns just about everything that points to media photo or video fakery. He does this because he depends partly on MSM for broadcasting, and partly because the very idea of concocted, faked events, or parts of events, and specifically photo and video fakery, would lose him followers.

I am an AJ fan, and no, I'm not here to divide anyone for some nefarious purpose. But I know AJ will only go so far, and I know why. I've also been a Daily Paul member for quite a long time, long before it was as popular as it is now.

You have a point of view, but not a reasonable exclusion

You obviously feel strongly about what you believe, but you have pretty much created a strawman fallacy. For instance, I might believe in explanation "D" & 1/2 of "E" - but not A or B or your C. Additionally, September Clues and the "there were no planes" type groups are not accepted as much as some others because they use a premise that most think is flawed, and not based on any experience anyone has ever had - thus not reasonable to most people. Not saying it is false, just in my case personally, does not even merit exploration - much like lizard people and Tesla's alien energy machine.

Anyone who says "the government did it" (in the case of the Boston bombings - Alex Jones is in that group) - is rightfully looked down upon and I would insult them as well. If you really think about what is being said, it means that every member of Congress, everyone who works at the White House, the Undersecretary of the Dept. of Agriculture....everyone is in on it. Anyone who says that 9/11 Truthers think the "government" killed its own people is usually part of the mainstream and the ones calling us "conspiracy nuts". We have to be careful with language. This is how Maddow gets her stuff - from people saying stupid things like "the government did it". (Yes, it could be a small cabal of foreign agents, inside job, etc.....)

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain