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US Military and Civil Officials Set to Police in Canada - RCMP will Police freely in US as though no borders exist


The North American Union Being Forged Under our Very Noses

As the US is the most efficient at catching crooks, it ought to be able to do so throughout North America, and maybe in Mexico, too.

Law enforcement agencies in Canada and the US are now working together in an unprecedented way, says the RCMP—and the two countries are hammering out a plan to let agents in both countries drive back and forth across the border as though it wasn't there.

One could write a series of investigative articles on the expansion of the US police state around the world but this Canadian venture seems especially outrageous because the sovereignty of Canada is being invaded without any democratic consultation.

The same could be said for the US. It is not clear whether or not the US electorate is in favor of expanding the current brand of US authoritarianism around the world but voters are not apparently going to have a choice in the matter, or not until it is too late.

And, of course, the other larger issue when it comes to Canada has less to do with policing authority than the wholesale merger of that nation-state into its larger, southern neighbor, forming the NAU North American Union

As steps are taken surreptitiously for this to happen, one would assume that alarm bells would begin to ring.

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How the 10 FEMA regions were discovered...


Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

SPP moving forward as

SPP moving forward as scheduled right under our noses as if we wouldn't notice.


Good luck with that in

Good luck with that in Montana and Idaho. The RCMP has no jurisdiction in the US and neither does US LE have any in Canada despite what these traitors do. I can guarantee it will be actively resisted in the two above mentioned states and probably more.

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Did you see this? The FBI search some innocent guy's house

in Mississauga Canada accusing him of sending the ricin letter to Obama. Dutschke has insisted he had nothing to do with the letters. Nor did those investigated by FBI have anything to do with a "planned" train wreak. They claim it was a setup. Sound familiar? Suddenly the FBI is in Canada as though they had a right to be there doing whatever they please. Tell me the borders are not disappearing.

What is being accomplished here is a PSYOP, creating FEAR of terrorists so that Canada, US, Mexico will trade freedom for security. This is ushering in the NAU, North American Union, and that has been the NWO plan of global conquest for decades.

The police state of the US will be the NWO police state of the North American Union, and the American military is the NWO military, global bullies conquering the world for the corporate elite.


It is a Mississippi man not a

It is a Mississippi man not a Mississauga Canada man...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!


Can't change now but will minimize.

Where are they now?

Where are the "open border lobbyist" now praising their own enslavement, their own ruin?

Does this look so fine 'n dandy now?


Escape Route 101.

All part of the UN Agenda

UN Agenda is the NWO UN Agenda is not conspiracy, it's several books published by the UN that is the road map.. back in 07 the book cost $60.00.. now it's doubled, because while some fear, other profit.

What's the name of the 'book'?

Agenda 21 is online
You can find all their 'declarations' online, too.
You can find their 'Millenium' papers online.
You can read most of the Global Biodiversity Assessment on google books by just searching words. I always find the chapter on 'Genetic resource collections' rather chilling.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

SusDev comes from Our Common Future

aka The Bruntland Report where 'multiculturalism' also comes from and you can also find online. That came out in '87. Agenda 21 came out in '92 and is the 'how to' doc on how to implement susdev.

I'm asking about the $60 book which I believe is the GBA.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

That's the book

and I believe I also said, and apologise if I did not say, that issue is not doubled in price.. there are several issues since 2012, just came out with another.. bnut that is the orriginal (collectors edition, and it originally sold for $60 at the U.N. bookstore, and you could get it trough Amazon. Why MN does not have an Amazon book self on his main page I don't know, but I wish he would.

Yes it IS part of the UN Agenda

and most people know zero about it. BUT where does one get the knowledge if one is not a seeker of truth?

For the sleepers who are blissfully unaware the truth is going to be a brutal shock when they see where this has taken the world, and then it will be too late.

But they do know a lot, and they even dedicate their lives

As you know the UN Agenda is all about "Sustainable Development" and going "Green". It's been in the works since the 60s.. drip by drip, day by day, it grows greener and greener with people and governments making changes to adopt the UN Agenda.

As for seeking truth.. truth is like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Like some, I believe Jesus is God and God is truth/love/peace. For others, they believe that this world can be changed, and this is the moto behind the UN.. that the world can be changed.. as a Christian, I believe change is inevitable and part of the world.. there is the world, which we are part, and there is God, which we are part.. some deny God, some deny the world, some deny both, and still the world turns.

I think there are good things about the UN Agenda.. but I do not agree with the course of dismantling nations, in our case by HATE AMERICA GOVERNMENT (even if deserving, it's an effort to fule abandonment, not make it better.. people are not educated on civics. they don't join committees or run for office because they don't know the nuts and bolts.. the youtubes are not as entertaining as AJ..

I admire Ron and Rand Paul for stepping up and leading people to chose, do they want a republic (then they must restore the republic), or do they want a UN Agenda, and they must cvontinue to make excuses to do nothing but prepare for the UN Agenda, when we are all finally Palestinians (the ultimate UN agneda is to make all nations Palestine, and why hating Israel propeganda is so important).


I think there are good things about the UN Agenda.

I can't believe I read those words from you, Granger. For Heaven's sake, retract them quick! There is NOTHING good with their agenda. I have studied it extensively and can't find ANY good coming out of that den of evil.

And what the heck is this?

the ultimate UN agneda is to make all nations Palestine, and why hating Israel propeganda is so important.

WRONG! The ultimate agenda is for the UN to be the global governance system for the world where it implements global communism.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

But there is, and why it attracts so many people

One does not have to agree with the U.N. Agenda 21 plan to see that it has solutions for issues that are good.. what is not good is that it is the U.N. Agenda implementing them unconstitutionally.

We can all agree that pure resources are loved by all humans, but some if us do not agree on how to do that.. I don;'t agree with the Agend'a globalization efforts as a better method.

Wrong again

It only attracts communists and those who want the government to think for them.
You have obviously not done your research.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

It was Ayn Rand who got me to understand communism

I know some learn from Karl marx or Lenin, or are inspred by the good works of many communists, However, for me it was Ayn Rand, in a letter she wrote to a fan of Atlas Shrugged who asked her what the difference was between communism and facsism. She said the difference was God. Fascists believed God had some will in the matter, and communists didn't believe God existed. Both are extremes of socialism, which America, with it's global military is a fine example of socialism, which we are most definately experienceing a growth, which threatens to go communist/NWO, Facsist/Muslim, or, if we can keep our republic, we can do even better when it comes to delivering the good things communists and NWO promise people.. peace, liberty, prosperity, justice, freedom, because we have more to offer than lies (no matter how pretty).

To say they have nothing good is to not know all they have. Don't toss the baby out with the water.

You're deluding yourself

Would you read Whinnie the Pooh to find out what Jesus said or go directly to the source? I could care less what Ayn said. When asked about communism, Marx said he could sum it up in one sentence: Abolish all private property. Semantical arguments about the finer points separating socialism/fascism/communism are moot when we know a small, centralized tyranny upon the masses is the goal.
The UN was established by communists to spread communism - Alger Hiss, Malatov to name a couple. Period. The UN's goal is to control all land, all production, all manufacturing, all water, all food, all trading, etc and even all laws/regulations - and NO ONE gets to vote in any of these cretins. Tell me how there is ANY good in that? We have 'smart' technology because of the UN. Smart meters are demanded by the UN because all the people's energy use is to be collected by the once sovereign nations then handed over to the UN so it can assess 'energy' use - so it says - when actually it to assess if energy is equally distributed, and if not, those once sovereign nations who use more energy than others, are to cut energy to its people. It's never about raising the quality of life for poorer nations, but breaking down the advances some countries have made. You are very naive if you can't see that everything the UN does is to destroy individual liberty.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Why insult?

Since I don't disagree with the content of your first paragraph, but rather the arrogance, because you FAIL to SEE what GOOD is within communism, as if you can see no reason why it attracts so many GOOD people.. I'm not saying communism is good, or the UN agenda is good, I;m saying that it has issues that attract what is good in people. All those students in the Chinese communist reviolution really believed in what good promises communism offerd. They did not understand or know enough about private property, or grasshopers and ants.

I am not rooting for the UN. I am opposed to the UN Agenda.. that does not mean that I can not see why it attracts people, it's what actually helps me the most in teaching them how they can do it better as a community of indivuals rather than a UN 21 number.

Perhaps we somply fail to communicate, because it's hard for me to read into insults beyond lack of better argument.


No insults in my response, only what you incorrectly perceive as insults. Anyone who thinks there's 'good' in communism - forced poverty - is delusional. And it IS naive to think the UN can or does any good. 'Good' is selflessness. There is nothing the UN does that is selfless. Everything the UN does is to gain more power towards itself - selfish. Evil.
Give me the Declaration of Independence's understanding of we all 'are created equal', not the communists' version of a forced social status for all - except for the 'leaders' cuz you know they are 'more' equal.
Communism has been the force behind more murders than any other ideology - Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Planned Parenthood even. That's good?
And if defending individual liberty is arrogant, I'll gladly accept that moniker because I'm in with truly good company - George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson just to name a few.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Why do people become communists?

Do people become communists because they think, "Wow, here's a way I can live and multiply hurt?"

You know I can't answer that question

You'll have to ask a communist.
I don't know how you came up with communism=good and that is the question you should be asking yourself.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

No, I don't know that

What I do know is that people become what they hate when they have no idea why others love what they hate.

I am not saying communism is good.

I am saying that many people are attracted to communism because they perceive what is good in communism, they see justice, equality and peace. If you can not see what they see as what is good, then you can't fight them, only reject them (and that's not the same).

I understand that you have not been understanding what I am telling you.. you don't have to agree with something to understand it, it;s actually better to understand if you want to do more than just reject.

Bad ideas never die

So, our local police must respect jurisdiction, but the Fed knows no boundaries.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

This bad idea is one big police state.

It is happening silently and the people are having no say in the loss of sovereignty. That loss of sovereignty includes Canada, US, and Mexico as it becomes all one big police state under the NWO.