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FBI Fake Terror Plot History: Judge Napolitano

The courts have made this legal so long as the target of the FBI plots, the one they choose to seduce and help plot the bombing or mass shooting, had a mental disposition to harm others, or was labelled "terrorist", and that could be any one of us.

FBI Fake Terror Plot History: Judge Napolitano

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I posted this same video yesterday morning at 7:11 am

I only got 1 upvote and I need all the +'s I can get for my "recent reception" score to recover from the serious beating it took about a month ago when a truckload of people piled on one of my posts. lol :-)


But why does he neglect to

But why does he neglect to discuss the fact that the underwear bomber was escorted onto the plane, according to several eyewitnesses? We know the guy's family warned our government about him. That should count as one of his examples too right?

I think his Freedom Watch segment

may have been taped before that detail really came to light. That video is kinda old.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

We all know the scenario the Judge lays out in t this

video regarding the FBI luring "terrorists" in to traps, for self falatio and to remove more of our rights is what's going down with the Boston bombing.

Has anyone actually seen the video of the 2 suspects placing the backpacks at the scene? I keep asking people, but the answer is always the same,No. The media and authorities keep saying that footage exists. Where is it? Have I missed something? They've shown video of everything else. From their mother, uncle to high school friends...... Doesn't smell right at all.

I have never seen that video.

For sure the FBI are involved. At first lots of witnesses say it was announced that it was "just a drill" and then all those accounts disappeared because they did not fit the media "story line". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq6PHZRiVaM

We will never know the truth about Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora. Lies, deception, psyops, all for the purpose of ushering in more NWO police state.

Scare the sheep so that they will trade their freedom for the illusion of security.