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Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough?

My eyes glaze over very quickly when reading stuff like this but are there any of us out there of a more scientific ilk who can comment on this story? Is this a real breakthrough or is it one of those things where the science is highly contested and/or it will take many years to come to any type of useful application in the real world?


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The breakthrough is a

The breakthrough is a political one, not a scientific one.

The fundamental problem is generating more energy than is required to keep the fusion reaction going. That has never been achieved yet. The idea is seductive but so far has only led to dead ends.

Power to make power scarce?

There is no interest in making power abundant, since doing so will compete with the current interest to make power scarce for the victims, as that works to make power exclusively abundant for the Legal Criminals.

This subject sounds a lot like The Formula used to make Synthetic Oil out of Coal. The technology was proven to work in Germany during the Abomination that became known as World War II.

If those few most Powerful People want a place on Earth to be more powerful than another place, they can just write themselves a check with their power over Fraud Money, and then they buy whatever it takes to make that place powerful, or not, as they see fit.

This is one example of what could be done if the goal was to use scarce power that exists in the necessary work required to make power abundant.

That is not the goal.

The goal is to steal what can be stolen and then use that stolen power to steal more.

Wake up people.


If you want to spend billion

If you want to spend billion if not trillions of dollars to learn something, then it is great; but this is not the way to go for electricity.

First, it is still in the pre-existence stage; it is past the design stage, but all of the parts haven't even been built yet. The article says between 2020 and 2022 it will be operating. The article also says that all of the money spent is only for research, because the reactor will never be used to generate electricity for France -where the reactor will be located. The operating costs will be enormous, it needs 50Mw to operate.

Fusion, like fission are centralized power generation schemes. If you like the idea of: if a power plant goes down, then a whole state looses power, then you will love fusion.

Personally, I look for that which liberate individuals, not ensnares them further to highly temperamental infrastructure.