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Free Video Reveals How to Create Your Own Abundant Urban Permaculture Garden. - by Geoff Lawton

"Permaculture" was a user name here, the person gently nagged about it for months before I finally looked into it, and it was an immediate "paradigm shift" for me. It was my "gateway drug" to aquaponics. Permaculture is still something we are working on, we just felt that AP was easier for people to get started on. I also used to have a grudge against Lawton - he helped copyright the term "Permaculture" then profit off it when this information needed to be available free. Now, Mr. Lawton is offering his encyclopedic knowledge on this topic for free. Yes, he wants your email address, so if you are afraid of being on a list of gardeners, don't bother. If you are looking for a way to make gardening more productive, easier, and more harmonious.... enjoy!


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I can't get this video to pay

I can't get this video to pay for some reason.

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Great stuff.

Great stuff.