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I quit my job to be an Etch a Sketch artist, I'm one of the world's best. I am taking a risk to accept bitcoin.

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I had an Etch A Sketch problem for quite a while

It took me ages to shake it.

But WOW!



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I excel

At scratch and sniff.seriously, you're awesome.

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Oh my god


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Two options. Speculate or convert to assets.

Quickly convert to Room and board, $FRN or real money to reduce risk.

Price artwork in silver or gold for price stability, collect enough bitcons and convert quickly. Prices vary more, but you get the same ounces of silver no matter what.

Free includes debt-free!

In case I was not the only one wondering:

Someone in the comments had my question:

"Wow! Simply stunning. I'm not trying to be funny, but what happens when you shake it?


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I drill holes into the backs of all the etches before I do the art, so that way I can drain/sift all the aluminum powder out. Once all the dust is removed, it can no longer be erased. I also glue the knobs in place, I've shipped a few across the US without issue. Thanks!"

OK, never in my wildest dreams did I think "etch a sketch artist" was a serious thing, but those are amazing!

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to clarify, this is not you, correct?


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This is not me :)

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