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Doctors walk out of national Obamacare implementation meeting (Update: PICS!)


W00T!!! This happened at an ASCRS meeting, this is one of the continuing education seminars that I used to attend and give lectures (there would be concurrent meetings for technical staff and management) but these are my homeboys, making me proud!

Check it out:
The secretary, Robert Cionni? I scrubbed for him when he first got out of college. Look how my baby has grown - lol! I hope he was one who walked out, I might have to email him...

UPDATE! I found a screenshot of the tweets:

And the pic of the "Government minion droning on" to an empty auditorium.

TOO FUNNY!!! In twenty years of attending meetings like this, I NEVER saw an EMPTY room!

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Fuck American doctors

Instead of Obamacare we should pass a law to arrest all doctors who've performed gential mutilations on us males. Unless you believe that you don't deserve to have all of your penis.

Actually, I agree.

My son in law insisted my grandsons be mutilated because he was, and did not want them to be different. Even the doctor looked stunned when he said that. But for the record, the ophthalmologists don't cut on anyone's genitals. They just refuse to lobby for the best glaucoma medication available, which would be criminal negligence in any court IF it were a Pharma drug they refused to even consider using.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

When this was introduced in Canada doctors opposed it

strongly, but socialism prevailed, and now there are endless doctor shortages. We have a system where doctors just write prescriptions and have no time to give real care.

It has become one big pill pushing system ruled by medical college-pharmo who have it all sewn up with rigid protocols that do not allow a doctor any freedom to be resourceful. Even if a doctor saves a life using an alternative method he can lose his license to practice. It all about profit and control.

Great post and some great informed comments too

TYVM for sharing.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Nice. More Eye Doctors.

That figures. Apparently their eyes still work.

Every doctor I have spoken to

(dermatologist, internist, gynecologist) is very, very, very unhappy about Obamacare. So much so that they have advised our children NOT to pursue a medical career because of it.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Lets see some video

Lets see some video

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With Rand also being an ophthalmologist, he would have also.

At least that is what I'd like to think that he would have done. I would have walked out, but it doesn't matter anymore with me. Family Practice, which is what I'm in, is already done for. We are soon to be the new dinosaurs. These eye physicians are the miracle workers, with operatic nerves of steel 6-10 times per day, IMO. Medicine has always paid well for the proceduralists, but that is about to change. If only 10% of doctors walk out come 1-1-14, that will be the end of medicine as we know it.
Thanks for posting, fishy.


I was a general surgeon. That was, until the little minds of small town doctors play politics. I wonder why doctors in small towns are considered to be making good money at $80,000 a year! Then our entertainers, sports celebrities, health insurance CEOs, make millions! I got sort of angry thinking about this all of the time. The anger now is subdued. I think the doctors that act like they do, hurting any of their colleagues they can, are little minded people, getting what they deserve. As people say "karma's a bit--" or "what goes around comes around!"

I read the other day that one of the pioneers of laparascopic surgery had his projector turned off at a meeting, the doctor doing so claiming what he was doing was "unethical"! It is now one of the most advancing fields in medicine. (Similar to the situation I encountered. I was residency trained to do laparoscopy, yet the doctors at the small rural hospital found themselves unable to approve my laparascopic cholecystectomy privileges because they thought "it was not a good procedure". They are eating their words, now. But, that does not help what was done to me!) Or, the guy that figured out that most stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria. His "colleagues" laughed him out of the auditorium! Now the first step in treating ulcer disease is combination antibiotic therapy with proton pump inhibitors. Robotic surgery was the big thing a few years ago. Now, it is falling into the hands of the malpractice lawyers. Those politician doctors left practicing are getting what they deserve! IMHO, anyway! I guess the anger is showing through! glad I don't swim with those sharks, any more! I may be poor, but at least I can sleep at night, knowing I did not, unfairly, destroy the career of a colleague!

Eye surgeons restrict residency, just like the rest of the medical education leaders in this country do. What they do is no more miraculous than fixing a hernia or doing a vascular repair. None of that makes us heroes!

Long way to go

Yes, he figured out stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria. Now you have quacks saying shutoff the stomach acid for every problem, proton pump inhibitors, which is absolutely retarded, since it is clear that the bacteria get a foot hold because there is not enough acid; not to mention, hey, let's kill off all the good bacteria and fuhk up your body to oblivion, being that your gut is the source of your immune system. What about the smarty pants doctors that prescribe tons of anti-biotics for "prostatitis", and boner killer pills, followed by surgical removal of the prostate, when the 99% of the cases can be cured by simple stretches of the pelvic floor muscles?

Everyone would benefit from medicine being opened up more to the free market, as these quack procedures would quickly disappear once people realized that doctors don't know every thing, although they will insist that they do. And yet not a single doctor I have ever met, except a select few that have written a book, have ever said try the paleo diet. Nope, they all get out their little prescription book, and prescribe some shitty pills that give you 10 more horrible symptoms than they cure.

There are some very skilled doctors out there, but we are still in the dark ages of medicine.... and everything else.

Those aren't shitty pills

It is just a little "anal leakage." A small price to pay to look like a movie star, don't you think?
Great rant.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Ever heard of Ignaz Semmelweiss?


He invented "washing hands" for doctors... the drove him insane. Here is the whitewashed story:
"Sadly, Semmelweiss was committed to an insane asylum when he started to exhibit what was possibly the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. While there he was beaten by the staff and died from his injuries."
Alzheimer's my ass, read "The Cry and the Covenant" for a lesson in how dreadful doctors are to any doctor who is smarter than they are and how they will band together to destroy the brightest minds. Sort of like politics.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yes, I did!

I never was told that situation! How horrifying!

I think I will stay away from that book, you mentioned. It will open up too many wounds!

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Don't underrate yourself.

You proceduralists are all miracle workers, IMO. We were talking about the eye doctors, but I didn't mean to imply that only they are the ones to work the everyday miracles everyone takes for granted. You, like Ron Paul, were way ahead of your time. Egos, turf wars, jealously, and vindictiveness all seem to be magnified in small towns. I've worked in a small place, too. That can be a brutal environment in which to practice.

Thanks for trying, Steve.

It really sucks to have the heart of healer and a system that only permits you to use Pharma now we leap from bad to flat ugly.
When Dr. Cionni began doing cataract surgery and I was a young tech, he got paid about $2300 per eye. When I got into management, and the first time I was handed the new Medicare fee schedule, I told the doctors to stop taking Medicare. They were getting $680 per eye. The doctors said they could not stay in business without Medicare, well.... Now lets see them try to stay in business with Obamacare.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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They have already taken a lot of the fun out of medicine.

Now they are taking the money out of it also. What's left?

Malpractice suits?

Yeah, it is sad. I LOVED my job. Old fogies would come in, I'd test their vision. Some of them could barely see me wave my hand in front of their face, could not tell how many fingers I had up. Take a few measurements, make a few calculations, for several years I even assisted in surgery. Then, next day, pull that patch off and watch them cry.... cry with them.... as they read 20/20. Yeah, OFTEN. When I started I worked for one of the top cataract surgeons in the world, ophthalmologists would fly in from all over to have him do their surgery. He also got the really tough cases, the patients who had let their cataracts go until they were nearly blind.
I loved my job, loved my patients, loved knowing that I was really helping people...
Ah, well. I love watching people learn about aquaponics too. At least the plants don't sue anyone when they die.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I can see it now....

The words "but we haven't yet..." ring out for the dozenth time, and a seasoned surgeon from..say...NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, *ahem*, pulls his spectacles off his head right-ear to left ear in disgust; drops them on his legal pad with a half page of notes scribbled on there, and mumbles "eff this!" just loud enough to start a chain reaction as he begins to walk out!!!

Bump for later.

Did I mention you could buy the product from me.

Join me and you to can sell the best nutritional product available and earn a coin or two for your efforts.

This is the guy that sued the FDA 4 times and won. I'd hate to see all his effort benefit only the sale of commercial Omega-3 products.

Wallach's Essential Fatty Acid (fish oils) are the best I've ever taken by far. Theey are for my heart and brain, worth a few extra pennies a day!

How's that for a bump!

Free includes debt-free!

I think bad form!

Why use this board to further your own personal greed cloaked in an altruistic endeavor.

You may think the product is super and recommend it and that is fine but to use this board as a means of commercializing for your own benefit I think is not proper and demeaning. If I am wrong about this then I stand corrected.

I can only speak for myself, but I appreciate the information.

Paul and I have conversed about health issues in myself and my family, while the comment may seem off the wall here, it is actually part of a continuing conversation we have been having.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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You are neither wrong, nor the first to mention it

And in his response he says there are other ads on DP so he feels justified.

He is in the wrong. You and I are in the right - we are here to discuss, not to peddle wares.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

12 oh

Thanks for your response and for your assent.

Lew Rockell just asks for voluntary contributions

Lot's of link on DP are to sites that are smoozing for contributions.

Ron Paul will be peddling Home Schooling supplies and services this fall.

I have known fishy for years, and she's a Lady.

So I bumped her post, because I thought it was good.

I was going to just bump but followed a conversation we had the other day about autism and vaccines.

I've seen what RobHino with his carbadges is doing. Nystrom asked Rob for the link, IIRC.

Now, Rob is advertising on the DP providing income to DP so we can post. All from one link.

One peddler comes to 'town'. Enough parties wanted carbadges more than they wanted their $FRN or bitcoins. Ron wanted to sell carbadges more than he wanted carbadges.

Both parties profit or benefit. The Daily Paul profits from a new advertiser. DP Users profit. The community is wealthier, everyone benefits.

I considered. Would Nystrom be annoyed? I hope not. My typos annoy me also. Would fishy be annoyed? Well shooting fish in a barrel ;-)

I suspected others might be annoyed, some have spoke up. If I were on the other side of this fence would I have reason to be annoyed. I admit that I give myself the benefit of the doubt.

The altruism is intended. It's part of the service. I don't expect something for nothing. Freeloaders are greedy and selfish, they expect something for nothing.

I am not selling dreams but products certified by universities and private standards organization based on the results of 297 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the top journals.

If you know 10 people with health problems you can get your product out of the profits.

Join me we can team up and bring them the health they deserve. Health is a wonderful gift.

Healthcare is a Trillion Dollar industry that is failing to get results. Lifespan of Americans has been falling over the past quarter century.

I am offering solutions proven effective in animals and man for nearly half a century.

It's cute that the Doctor are making waves. They will make a couple thousand cutting out a perfectly good lens. Instead, I might make a hundred healing that lens. Is that being greedy? We are both better off. Do you agree.?

I claim my prices are competitive without the blood and gore.

If I got $10,000 a year of the trillion dollar healthcare pie then I offered a product and service that earned it in the marketplace by making my customers better off than they were.

Making money is a certificate of achievement. I will use it for room and board, invest some locally(whatever that means on the Internet) and put some away for a rainy day (as gold, silver or copper or nickel).

We can team up and and be greedy together. I try not to be stingy for all my other faults.

Free includes debt-free!


but I fear that nothing will come of it. I've been getting my hopes up for a while now and constantly being let down by people's ignorance and complicity.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

I had a talk with a doctor this week...

Someone mentioned Obummercare and he busted out laughing. He said 'good luck' with ever implementing it. I asked him if he talked with other docs online and he said he doesn't use the internet. So his laughter was based on real-life interactions and information...

Very hopeful sign.

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Doesn't use the Internet!?

Sounds like he is really keeping up with the new developments in medicine! Or maybe he does not give a hoot!

He is a psychiatrist actually...

so I'm kind of relieved that he isn't learning the bulk of his new information from youtube videos and such.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.


So you assume there are not educational presentations, for physicians, on the Internet? Anyone who says I don't do this or I don't do that make me nervous. Psychiatrist or not.

The biggest problem I have encountered is doctors using only what they learned in medical school or residency, as the only way they learn new things, about the myriad of diseases they encounter. Maybe, that is why none can give my wife a diagnosis of what is causing her strange symptoms and heat intolerance!