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I support the mods RIGHT to guard the DP's reputation...

Let it be said that I support the mods/owner of this website when they choose to slap down whomever they want, whenever they want, for public image reputation, no matter what course they want to set, goals they want to achieve, or butts they want to kiss(advertising revenue:) in the SAME free will manner Jesse Benton can go work for Mitch McConnell!

I push the envelope here, I try to stir things up, I like direct speech, and some I definitely hope to offend in hopes I wake them up to what I believe is truth. We are; either as a voting bloc, a movement, or a website(family) a COLLECTIVE!

We're the "Ron Paul Republicans", the "Liberty Movement", the "Daily Paulers", or just referenced as "over at the DP"...So many organizations do indeed start out well,then they gain popularity and either run with it and remain separated, or, stike a balance(goal accomplished) and conform. In any case, there is/was a "head". I don't care if it's Facebook, Coca-Cola, Occupy, the Southern Baptist Convention, Infowars, Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, or the Daily Paul!

They, the "feet of clay leadership", can do what they want for their reputation's sake; the "head", the founder(s)...and when they cast you out(like the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan did to me soon after my 2008 run for State Representative under their banner for challenging the depth of knowledge some of those disgruntled/disenfranchised "Christian Republicans" had), we have to consider it as a teaching lesson! "before honor, there must be humility".

We're all obviously free to try to crank something up on our own and take a following with us, and that's the same risk the site owners probably took with a "if you want something done right, do it yourself" entreprenurial vision. Some may think Michael Nystrom hit the lottery here...well...GOOD FOR HIM!

So, for the record, I don't believe any of the decisions made to kill a post, or ban a member, is done arbitrarily with ZERO effort and discussion, or an agonizing comparison between their posts and their guidelines.

The latest Boston Bombing has indeed sent us into a national psychological tizzy! The long term goal however, outweighs the immediate blame game; in that the obvious physics of 9/11 that blow holes in the official story are(as we all know), still a truth many Americans know, but are afraid to call the greatest tyrannical blow upon a free people in all of human history publicly, at work, church, or family gatherings. And I think this forum carries this contentious MSM-scorned torch remarkably well to date; despite the national reputation "truthers" have as a collective!

I am here for the long haul; no matter how many times I want to tell those who downvote me(as though they represent the whole of the DP) to go suck an egg and wallow in their self-deception and hatred of the Bible known inside and out by our framers and founders like John Locke and Blackstone; I too have to be considerate and REASONABLE and admit we all have our diverse backgrounds and individual experiences that we bring to this noble battle to replace politicians with Statesmen at ALL costs!(c'mon...the "man in the arena" speech!)

Ron Paul's endorsement of Mark Sanford gave me hope again, that the GOAL is the same; and although I present myself as one resident Bible-thumper who presumably would be painted as one who could NEVER, should NEVER accept or allow that man to serve in representative government again, I see, and am encouraged to heed Ron Paul's wisdom; "he is the BEST candidate in the race", and he can be trusted to cast the right votes if elected to a "second chance".

I think we should all check our emotions at the keyboard, and make an effort to tone it down if we know ahead of time our unique individual perspective/theory might be received as fringe or from an extreme minority opinion of disgust for government(that necessary evil).

For those overly-frustrated, by all means, do your own thing separate from the DP if you think you can do it better than those who finance this awesome sounding board and stream valve for Liberty!

Those who stay, I don't think we've lost our way in blind allegiance to the "ego" of the "management" whom some are convinced have made a transition in reaction to some success, whereby they're in it for the love of money now!  Heck, they may be; good for them if they're doing what they love, and don't consider it "work"...welcome to free market capitalism 101.

Let's not pile on the mods, or the owner, everytime they make a disciplinary management move. Who's to say any one of us can never be vulnerable to the same "pull", common to man; to taste success as your dream takes off, and then become guarded in protecting your perceived reputation?

Most of us will "fight to the death" for the restoration of this Republic, but as Ron Paul said; "you can't turn an aircraft carrier around on a dime". It's gonna be a long battle, gang; so get some thick skin to stave off criticism and correction from every side.

This website, to me, has a respectable reputation on a national stage BECAUSE it is predominantly a huge host to some EXCELLENT tempered opposition on it's face to the vast public; but, as many have commented since the bombing especially, we've been overrun with antagonistic, immature, anonymous blowhards with some ridiculous and outrageous wild-eyed conspiracy theories, and some of those posts I believe have prompted Michael Nystrom to lament publicly that if the balance tips too far towards the absurd and unhelpful, it won't be worth the effort to keep this site up and running through the 2014 midterm elections!

Don't be THAT guy!... that pushes Michael(or the website) over the edge!

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It's Not What We Say, It's How We Say It

I agree with your headline, but I don't agree with your reasoning.

"I try to stir things up, I like direct speech, and some I definitely hope to offend in hopes I wake them up to what I believe is truth."

I never hope to offend people with my opinions. We should all try to convince people with well written, logical, smart research. Offending people is the last thing we want to do. If we want to bring more people on ship, why offend them with our perception of the truth? Shoving the truth down peoples throats in an offensive way will get us nowhere quick.

"We are; either as a voting bloc, a movement, or a website(family) a COLLECTIVE!"

No, we're not a collective. We're individuals. You can't have a big, vibrant, healthy forest without strong, individual trees fighting for light. The Daily Paul is an organic community of individuals, and the forest is strong because of them.

"...then they gain popularity and either run with it and remain separated, or, strike a balance(goal accomplished) and conform."

Oh no! You just used the c word! "Conform," to what? The status quo? Unique individuals have no place in the sea of conformity.

What would happen to the forest if every tree in it conformed?

There would be no forest.

Variety is the spice of life.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

offend = shock...

...the stubborn need hard truths..

Collective, that's the ONLY way we're criticized...by those who fight us...(this is why I pound the drum that we, as a collective, are being attacked with guilt-by-association tactics, tying us to Alex Jones); this is the balance Michael is speaking to, I believe. He probably hearing "your website is full of ________(collectivist term)"

Some remain separated, SOME go "mainstream" because they've achieved a "revenue stream"...

Individuals, of course we are; who wants their reputation stained by the words or actions and attitudes of others. This OP is an individual, and this is my individual viewpoint; and in this sea of opposition, the cream will rise to the top, and be considered a leader for a time; does this not happen in every cause?

There was only one George Washington, among many soldiers.

Not to disagree, or squabble for the sake of squabbling; but we know outside media/political staffers etc. are looking in....Michael wants advertisers, and some of us individuals want to run for office, be discovered and offered opportunities to work in the "halls of government" or media where we can make an impact, and some of us just want our concerns validated...either way, nobody will lose their individuality, although they may lose their will to fight if the collective appears weak and ineffectual.

What led Michael to start the

What led Michael to start the Daily Paul was his heart, not dollar signs. He followed his heart, and he will more than likely quadruple his advertising revenue if Rand Paul takes center stage.

If it ain't broke, don't try to "fix," it.

The "collective," does not exist in the Liberty Movement.

We are all one, but we're not the same. And that's what makes us so damn powerful! We are NOT a centralized group, the Daily Paul is not a conveniently edited political echo chamber.

Let us all just conform and agree on everything.

BORING...and fake. May as well be a television station.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This is Michael's site

and ultimately his call and also who he has as moderators who are entrusted to make decisions on posting, comments etc.

I have been here for well over 5 years and was at one time a moderator.

The only reason I am posting a comment on this thread is to make a general comment about the threads and the seemingly endless threads sometimes. I do not post much or comment much at all anymore, because a good amount of the time it is too difficult to come here and view many inane conversations that go back and forth and to me very childish in nature. Even the titles of the threads are a good amount of the time extreme - i.e. using words to capture attention and in most cases the content is to me idiotic and not worth having a drawn out discussion.

And I might as well say while I am at it, that some of the threads that make the front page just baffle me. All in all, this site was much better when it first came about but now I dunno, it just seems to have been going down hill for a while.

Just my 2 cents.

Ron Paul is My President


Slap-and-run downvoters....say something!!!

[mods/programmers: give me extra UPVOTE privileges based on "months of service", or publish the downvoter's screenname!]

ecorob's picture

I don't like you.

I don't like your attitude.

Don't you wish I would have kept my mouth shut/keyboard silent?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

by the way, i didnt

by the way, i didnt downvote, didnt upvote, i only vote, when i see an opinion mirroring my own.....ok, and if a sheep gets lose

im talking about trolls using vulger language, insults for the sake of insult, yours is a little far from bordeline, still, as at least you seem to be looking for a disscussion, but "presentation", thats a different story....yeah i know, maybe you dont care about that, but then you shouldnt really care if people should disagree with ct's then, based on presentation, a thing you may not care about.....but others do.....presentation could be the difference between suspicion and truth, but both represented as proof


"Slap-and-run downvoters.""wimps"

Thats one hell of an assumption there fella, kinda also sounds like sheep speak if you ask me
Thats my theory, dont critizise me
Does that even, remotely, sound familiar....like, at all?

We have two sides here arguing, and neither side seems to understand what the otherside is saying

I come to the dp for the idealogical views, while im not opposed to other things, THATS the one and MAJOR reason that draws me here, being lucky enough to be around people who share the same, or close to, take on things, on life, on history, idealogical first, everything else, second, if dp stops being that place, ill stop visiting and be on the lookout for the next dp

Keep dp idealogical, with a bit of everything, let it do its thing, and help filter ct's that help us when they can, FACTUAL PROVEN CT's, visit infowars like website when you need a PURE conspiracy site

Do not undersestimate the drive or "determination" of those who seek idealogical views, we dont like being fucking told how to think, not by you, or by government, as im sure you understand, hell, ive probably deleted half a dozen swear words on this post alone, my "theories", trying to, with some difficulty, show those, who are putting words in my mouth, by lumping us all in one "what one says, they all say" group, some kind of respect

Im letting it go,......well as best i can, considering this post.....ive been willing too for a while now, can anyone really say, that "attacking" one another is gonna get us anywhere other then where we dont, wanna be

*tired shrug*

gimme a break...

...there's a few who follow me, trying to get my goat...but considering the rules, it's not going to be about me, and, we're not going to have a thread where I square off against my opposition.

I would however LOVE for someone to set up a Daily Paul video chat room(like I used to do Saturday nights with the crowd at 12160.org gang)....,,we can have it out there, and people can watch...we should air our disagreements face to face!!!



Don't expect extra privileges while whining.

[mods/programmers: give me extra UPVOTE privileges based on "months of service", or publish the downvoter's screenname!]

What absolute horseshit.

that was a "hahaha"...

...a LOL... Some of you guys are truly not "combat ready".

and some obviously like to

and some obviously like to think highly of themselves, probably loves to prove it to.....amirite

That would be me


Free includes debt-free!