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RT: Lamestream Media: TV titans lose US viewers over slanted stories

Hey everybody!

How many are tired of all the bad news? Well folks, here is something that is in the good news file. The babylonians are losing their grip on the minds of the American people in exponentially growing numbers every day. The shift towards real truth is fast tracking, especially after these two well exposed hoaxes at Sandy Hook, and Boston.

The more we look at Boston, the more it becomes obvious that these contrived false flag events are as phony as a three dollar bill. It becomes painfully sickening to see the ever changing story spewed out on the LSM that everybody knows in their core is the worst corruption that has ever been exposed.

Everybody knows there is a rogue bunch of babylonian banksters that are running America down into being the new nazi-germany after the purposely caused crash, and coming police state depression. Finally, after all that chaotic hell, and according to the plan, America is to be set up to lose the next world war. There may not be anyone left after that happens.

Here is a great report that shines the truth on the truth of it all. The people of the world are getting darn tired of the horsewash, and out right lies. No one wants to see this carp any more. Here is the proof of an awakening world that is learning to do what they say.

Just say NO more!

RT: Lamestream Media: TV titans lose US viewers over slanted stories

Give thanks that the light shines so brightly, and the growing world-wide consciousness of awareness is becoming the increasingly growing majority. Pray, that the people choose to stop the insanity that takes us ALL closer to the nation wide lockdown after another false flag event. Hopefully this does not happen, but in phony baloney world, who knows?

Ignorance is not your friend...it will eventually kill you.

Always follow your heart.


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