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Marijuana Repeal Considered In Colorado

I thought the Colorado residents here on the Daily Paul would like to know this.

DENVER (AP/CBS4) — Marijuana legalization could be going back to the ballot in Colorado — a prospect that infuriated pot legalization activists Friday.

The proposal for a marijuana ballot measure came as the House started debate Friday evening on bills to regulate and tax pot. One bill would state how pot should be grown and sold, and the other would tax recreational marijuana more than 30 percent.

In the article it states that the sales tax for Marijuana in Washington is 75 percent. Wow, is that ridiculous.

Anyway for the Daily Paul's Colorado residents, I certainly hope you all are able to hold your ground.

You can finish reading the article here.

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The 75% tax is ridiculous.

But I could tolerate the tax as long as I was able to grow my own tax free.