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9/11: Not just an inside job, but a Tel Aviv-based outside job

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul has come under a vicious smear attack for his formation of an institute dedicated to cleansing America of foreign control, ending the power of the Federal Reserve and stopping the deluge of false flag terrorism that has been unleashed on America.

Paul’s organization has drawn upon the few public figures in America that have stood against the “Zionist machine.” It hasn’t taken long for the first attacks.

It began today, in the Daily Beast, an online version of Newsweek, owned by Jane Harman, long a Mossad asset. In 2011, Harman resigned from congress in disgrace after years of allegation against her for espionage on behalf of Israel. From Wikipedia:


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former FBI cheif Ted Gunderson sais 911 is an inside job

Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson says 911 was an INSIDE JOB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5HarYAtGdw



First of all, Ted Gunderson was involved in the JFK assassination investigation. That pretty much kills all his credibility. The rest of his credibility is killed by the fact that he believed a secret society of Satan worshipers were secretly conducting 4,000 human sacrifices a year in New York City. The guy is fucking insane. I wouldn't use him as a source for anything. If you think Satan worshipers are behind everything bad that happens in America, you're completely fucking insane. Satan worshipers are probably one of the least violent segments of society. Prisons are full of born again Christians. There aren't many Satan worshipers in there. In fact, I'm pretty sure Satan worshipers just get a kick out of offending squares. I don't think very many of them sincerely worship Satan. It's the original religion parody. Like today's Flying Spaghetti Monster worshiping Pastafarians.

BBC Correspondent says MOSSAD did 9/11 and Iran doesnt

want Nukes. Former Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent Alan Hart says on air that Israeli Mossad did 9/11 and much more in his revealing interview with Kevin Barrett: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDsW4DyyZvU



BBC said it?!?!?!? Must be true!!!!

The title

What does that have to do with RP?

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

Ron Paul said in a article he wrote in his newsletter after semp

ter 11, 2001 that the Mossad is behind 911. The article where Ron Paul said this in his newsletter said by Ron Paul.


Give me a break

STFU liar

Quite the stretch

It is quite a stretch to make Ron Paul sound like he is a truther. As much as you want him to be, he has said he did not believe in the 9/11 conspiracy. Whatever his true feelings are he has made them private and rightfully so.

You see there is a tactic of linking people with certain ideologies that the mainstream media uses all the time. I find it disturbing that someone on the dailypaul would stoop to this level.

To say the organization he formed is designed to thwart false flags is downright deceptive. Sure Ron Paul could be a closet truther,or a closet anti- zionist, But should you really take it upon yourself to make it like he is for certain?

Remember, we are supposed to be the side with integrity.

Or maybe this video is better...


Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

He sounds like a truther to

He sounds like a truther to me!


Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford


One of them is being spun, paul or the truthera

Saying investigating/researching the holocaust does not make Ahmadinejad a holocaust denier, neither does doing that to 9/11 make Paul a truther

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

They just found some more wreckage

time for another investigation.. has nothing to do with being a truther. Ron Paul did not say "911 was an inside job" or "The Zionists did 911".. he said "911 was blowback". That means he accepts the original story that 19 terrorists are responsible for the demolition of 911.. has Ron Paul ever said 911 was controlled demolition? NO.

you are no different than those you criticize

RP never said he believes the "original story" (which i am guessing you mean the 'offical story'). what he did say is the following:

"i never automatically trust anything the government does when they do an investigation because too often there is an area the government has covered up whether its the Kennedy assassination or whatever."

when asked if he would support a new investigation on 911:

"yes i think we need to look at the details of it...the investigation was an investigation where there were cover ups...there could be another investigation because there is a split in the government...so i definitely think it would be worthwhile"

"i would talk with Dennis and we would have a better chance of getting a new investigation..too often an investigation is usually a cover up."

This is one transcript in which he talks candidly (albeit carefully) where it is obvious that the official story doesn't hold up (as the vast majority of 911 commissioners have admitted, stated, and even written about).

You would be better served not skewing his positions and commentary to support the official fable/narrative you seem invested in. Its obvious he knows the official story is flawed and consists of elements of a cover up.

Doesn't mean he is a truther. Doesn't me doesn't suspect blowback. Doesn't mean he blames Zionism. But certainly doesn't imply he believes the 19 terrorist story you claim is his opinion.

You cant say he doesnt say X so he believes Y when he never says Y as you maintain. I get you want to believe in the offical story and the 19 actors working independant of any intelligence, government, or state sponsorship. But the burden remains on those who want to believe that to prove that as much as it does on those who believe to the contrary.

Any attempt to claim otherwise is as much conspiracy as any other opinion.

Who am I criticizing?

official story.. yes.. if saying official rather than original is important to stand a correction from you, please explain.

So, RP doesn't automatically trust anything the government does.. GOOD!!!! Ron Paul didn't automatically trust the official story, and he gave them quite a twist with BLOWBACK, Guyiliani never heard of such a thing! Ron schooled Rudy.. 19 hijackers BLOWBACK

(what is amazing is how those guilty of 911 never thought of blowback, because their orginial story was false, and Ron knows, but he appreciates life and living)

YES we should look at all the details. and what's more.. for justice we need a court, eh? So what choice is there besides U.N. International Criminal Court? Some folks don't want to bow to a UN NWO. Maybe you do?

It is you who are skewing Ron Paul's possitions. I suggest you begin reading his books, might help you break that progressive addiction.

easy enough

its not that its terribly important...just that original and official can have pretty substantial differences...so i sought to clarify not correct.

yet again you offer "19 Hijackers and BLOWBACK". As if one equals the other. Having to explain that to you again borders on amazing.

Paul never said that. Never endorsed it. Its YOU who are assigning 19 Hijackers to Blowback. As if one equals the other and that no other explanation could possibly include blowback as a cause to the effects.

It would indicate that it is you who haven't read the book, are ignorant of Johnson's explanation of the differing forms that Blowback can take, and exclude possibilities that certainly fall into his definition. For clarity's sake i have read Chalmer Johnson's book.

This isnt the first post where you cite the book, go on to assign your beliefs to Ron's comments AND the book, without realizing there is no correlation to be found between them as you assign it.

It would seem that you do not understand the nuances outlined by Johnson and are repeating simple notions as if that provides support for your take. It doesnt.

I never offered Ron's position as I never spoke to him off the record. I am not one to believe that public comments capture the totality of anyone's beliefs. That would be an absurd notion that doesnt recognize the realities of public life. As an aspiring politician I would guess you will learn this soon enough.

I only offered quotes. Your desperation and accusation that i did...only underlines how thin your position has been and remains.


Ron Paul THEY ATTACKED US http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQrwKr_b4Lg

WHAT IF? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjuUWr9vaXo

Guiliani's book list http://www.amazon.com/Educating-Rudy-Paul-reading-list/lm/RJ...

outlined by Johnson? Gary? Lyndon? which Johnson?

You are an aspiring politician? I am not. I want to restore the republic to constitutional government that protects our rights to security, prosperity and life.

You're giving me opinion, so how about trading youtubes.. show me what you are talking about please.

you dont get it

outlined Chalmers Johnson.

You know...the guy who actually wrote Blowback you pretend to have read. Not that you read it...or know who wrote it...despite referencing it and providing a link to it.

I have no idea what you think i am desperate for. I am pointing out whats wrong with your arguments. Its you who seem desperate.

I'm sorry

I thought you posted that I was desperate and I don't understand that. I didn't pretend to read anything that I referenced, but rather showed you that RP is not a 911 truther but stood on Blowback.

If I was to guess you were desperate, it would be to connect RP with 911 truth. There is no connection.

ok then

It remains a fact that the "official story" contains a cover-up (which by definition implies a conspiracy of some sort). Its admitted and argued to be so by the majority of 911 commissioners.

Thousands of experts in various fields (Ron Paul as a politician being one of them) call for an independent investigation in order to find out what really happened.

To me that removes your ability to label it "19 terrorists, Blowback, case closed". That argument seems to leave many (including Paul) wanting. Which i think is all i was getting at.

I dont want to connect Ron Paul to 911 truth. I think 'truther' and '911 truth' are labels created by media in order to pigeon hole and discredit those who know the official story doesnt hold up.

His statements, along with millions of others, is that the government's version contains cover up. If its important to not call him a truther or something....then fine...he isnt. But he isnt saying what you are. not by a long shot.

IN the end here....your stated desire of restoring a constitutional republic....is that same as mine. What we believe about 911 isnt that important to the end goal. So with that i wish you well. I apologize if my comments were antagonistic or off base. Passion tends to often get the better of me.

It's not my lable, it's Ron Paul's

I went from 911 Truth to Blowback with Ron paul, not that I don't believe that there is an international conspiracy, which I believe has much to do with the UN Agenda, as the WTC was a white elephant, bleeding money, an eye sore, 80% unoccupied, and impossible to legally demolish once the Kyoto Protocol went into effect.. and there are other issues, such as the property is under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority.. 911 truth does not go where other options go, but rather to me, 911 truth is designed to keep people perpetually seeking evidense when they all more than they need, what they do not have is a way to get that justice because we are transitioning from a constitutional government, to a government that is based on prescident set by gloablists standards.

So, I'm hanging in there with Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the idea that the Golden Rule also applies to nations who do much better when trading with treaties, than making corporate agreements to control all life on Earth.

The case isn't closed.. it's just many of us have our own ways (and many truthers are very passionate/ God Bless them).. for me, it's doing what I can to help Ron and Rand turn this ship around and I know you are on my side.. hopefully in the end we will all win liberty and justice for all.

Peace be with you!

Missing Links!

Anyone who doesn't admit that the Israeli government (through the Mossad) had some significant involvement in 9/11 is either ignorant of the facts, in denial, or is so unbelievably brainwashed that it would take some serious therapy to cure. Thanks for posting and spreading the truth. And just so you know, this article was written on April 26, 2013. And yes, presstv is anti-Israel to combat the fact that 96% of everything you have ever heard, read, or seen on the news is pro-Israel. Israel's war crimes against humanity (not limited to, but including 9/11) need to exposed! Watch the documentary "Missing Links" on youtube.

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

and "9/11 and War By

and "9/11 and War By Deception, 2013" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK6VLFdWJ4I

Jesus Christ

I'm so sick of these government trolls trying to discredit Dr. Paul's legacy. Dr. Paul isn't a bigoted scumbag, such as yourself. It takes a real loser to blame the world's smallest minority for all our global problems. It's a mathematical fact that most of the worlds wealth is not controlled by Jews. Even if it was, so what? Americans criticizing Israel are like Russians criticizing America. We should focus on our own problems, because God knows we have a lot more than Israel does. Plus, we don't live there. So, it is really none of our fucking business how they conduct their foreign policy. And at least they're significantly more capitalist than most other countries. The only group screwing me is the government. My problem is with my own government, it isn't with some minority of my fellow Americans. If you think Israel pulled off 9/11, and our government covered it up for them, you're fucked up. You honestly believe your the bitch of some country that's smaller than a Texas county? If I ever thought such a thing, I would be doing more than whine about it on the internet. Get a life, you government troll.

I agree mark3boyz

Ron Paul has NOTHING to do with 911 Truth and this article is an attempt, by anti-zionists to connect Ron Paul, "911 was BLOWBACK", to 911 Truth.

Step #1 -

Pull head from rectum. Step #2 - read this:
Seek the truth, know the truth, and the truth shall set you free...even if this truth ISN'T what you were hoping for.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

ecorob's picture

step #3...


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Step #3 -


Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


Good job with the emotional outburst.
You ready to settle down and act like an adult?

do the research you child.

Noone said our government doesnt KNOW Israel controls them, but that doesnt make it true.

Look up dual citizenship in defense control JUST before 9/11.

And by the way, if a dual citizenship comptroller of the Dept. of Defense doesnt make your hair stand on end, go back to watching american idol.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson


Dual citizenship!?!?! Jews must have did 911!!!11!! Fucking morons.

Nobody's saying that but you

"Jews" didn't do 9/11. That's an awful lot of people to place blame on.

However, having dual citizens in positions of political power *is* a problem, and trying to dismiss it as bigotry is ridiculous. Hey, maybe we should let people with Chinese, Russian, and Mexican citizenship be part of Congress, too! Hell, just outsource the whole damn thing to India!

edit: I don't care to discuss various 9/11 conspiracies or anything else (not jumping into that mess), just wanted to make the above point.

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