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9/11: Not just an inside job, but a Tel Aviv-based outside job

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul has come under a vicious smear attack for his formation of an institute dedicated to cleansing America of foreign control, ending the power of the Federal Reserve and stopping the deluge of false flag terrorism that has been unleashed on America.

Paul’s organization has drawn upon the few public figures in America that have stood against the “Zionist machine.” It hasn’t taken long for the first attacks.

It began today, in the Daily Beast, an online version of Newsweek, owned by Jane Harman, long a Mossad asset. In 2011, Harman resigned from congress in disgrace after years of allegation against her for espionage on behalf of Israel. From Wikipedia:


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Give me a break

OMFG some of the guys in the Navy SEALs have dual citizenship! They must be part of the NWO! People with dual citizenship are everywhere at every level of society! Everything must be an inside job!!!
Grow up. Technically the US government doesn't even recognize dual citizenship. To them, you're either an American or not. So your entire argument is invalid.

You're an idiot

I never said anything about Navy SEALs or NWO, so why you decided to pull that from your ass is beyond me. Oh right, because you can't actually argue the point.

The only person who needs to do any "growing up" is you.

Also, if you seriously think that dual citizenship isn't recognized by the US, then you are fucking retarded.


A signature used to be here!

People with multiple citizenships are everywhere

You linked to a website that has nothing to do with the US government's position on dual citizenship. This website has no official affiliation with the US government. This site is no more reliable than any other random website. Yet, it even says right on the site you linked that the US has no paperwork or application forms for dual citizenship. To the US government, you're either a citizen or not. You can have as many citizenships as you want, but the US government wont treat you any differently than anyone else. Obviously, governments that recognize dual citizenship treat dual citizens differently. The US does not force you to renounce your other citizenship to become an American citizen. That is completely different than recognizing dual citizenship.

I did not realize that being a citizen of only one country makes you less likely to be evil. Good to know! So are you just prejudiced against people who have Israeli citizenship, or are you prejudiced against anyone with foreign citizenship?

Think about it like this

I can marry another man. It's not prohibited by the federal government. However, the government won't recognize the marriage in any kind of way or treat me differently because of it. Dual citizenship is the same way. We are a nation of immigrants and it's one of the things that make us great. How can you put down or distrust your fellow Americans who are also citizens of other countries? How are Americans who have only one citizenship better than Americans who are citizens of multiple countries? They're not. You're just a collectivist who blames all the world's problems on some silly scapegoat. Israel, dual citizens, the boogeyman, whatever. It's all a bunch of bullshit. Our out of control federal government is who is to blame for most of the world's solvable problems.

I don't see a date on this article, but . . .

it sounds like old news. Isn't 'presstv' supposed to be profoundly anti-Israel?

Not sure what to think--

I know that Cynthia McKinney said some of the same things.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--