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Ny State Paulites Needed *NY State Fight Update* Money Bomb

My fellow liberty lovers and residents of NY State. Our group http://themidnightride.org has been working on a voting registration drive of all gun owners that we can possibly register before election day.

Based on numbers given to me by local politicians we know is anywhere from 4.5 to 5 million gun owners, but ONLY 1 million of those vote or are registered to vote. That is why we have undertaken this task and started the process, but we need boots on the ground. The idea is to assign people to register at the range, gun shop, church, etc.

Again visit us at http://themidnightride.org. Molon Labe!

When I started this effort, I thought I was going to be able to get people to clone me in each county and run with the idea to register all gun owners on their own. I was mistaken and had to find out why, because it was frustrating. My journey to understand the problem required me to join multiple grassroots groups and get an understanding of their vision and where their efforts were being concentrated.

Well the one thing that I discovered that was a real problem was that nobody I met had any hope of winning the battle at the polls. Everyone said “this will be settled by the court”. I thought, but not even a fight? Are we going to let these progressives bully free loving Americans into submission and not fight back?

I also did an extensive research on electoral population and voting patterns and eligibility. I looked at election results and Andrew Cuomo received as many votes from Upstate New (950k) York as from NYC (1.1 mill). Here this tells me NYC 8.3 mill population is not voting in large numbers and Upstate produced 2.7 million votes out of a population of 7.2 million. Then I researched on a past election that another Cuomo was defeated and interestingly enough, Mario Cuomo was defeated because of a gun grab and also more interesting was that he was defeated by Upstate rural areas. 70% of eligible voters came out to vote.

Why? NYC is not voting in large numbers? Where there is a nonpartisan study by a CUNY college that found voter eligibility in NYC is 56% vs. upstate NY 70%. Voter turnout is also higher in upstate NY. So I gathered some data, posted a few FB posts and spread the word through groups that are influential within the grassroots. This helps a lot, because now we know we can win. Specially knowing gun owners are around 4 million and if you include family members, we are around 6 million. And total number of votes during a non-presidential year is around 5 million.

Now we are more united into fighting this politically and get all the progressives out. There is a drive to get the GOP and DMC committees taken over by liberty minded people, but this will be a long term project, because NY State is a huge state and the amount of committee (State and County) positions is in the thousands.
We now have gun club presidents and gun shops involved with voter registration. Full federations are beginning to get involved in this and I heard of NYSPRA and a political PAC competing with what we are doing. We will probably join forces at some point, since we know and interact with the same people and power players.

The very bad news is that we can’t let the GOP (owned by Long island Democrats) run with a rich candidate to run just to put his name in his/her resume. The GOP leadership must change and we are going to make sure it does, but for now, we have to select our own candidate.

The most involved people within the grassroots are all Libertarians or pro Ron Paul and we have to stay united if we want to make NY State Waterloo for the progressives. Andrew Cuomo knows what is coming; he is going crazy like a little girl whining about doing something for upstate NY. He is all in already campaigning upstate nonstop and now Obama organizing for action is all in helping his campaign. Guys… This will be the year the progressives lost their shirt. This is winnable and they will be defeated, because we know what we need to do. Politics is just a numbers game and libertarians are very involved in this. I would like to thank Rob Abrigo for his help getting me into politics once again. I was asked to coordinate C4L Dutchess County, but I jumped to late in the game and the 8 candidates I could run for State Committee do not qualify by law until next year. They re-register GOP from libertarian. We are working on three separate projects and this is in coordination with tea parties, conservative groups, militias, etc.

1. We have a database (almost ready) of pistol permit holders not registered to vote and we have the groups on the ground to make this happen for most counties.

2. We the people are going to elect a candidate to run for governor, but need funds. So I started a money bomb 3 days ago.
We need your help. I am no expert on web design or nor do we have the right people to spread the information everywhere. We the people of New York need you, like we need water in the dessert. I basically tried copying some of the concepts in here since I have been member and active participant of money bombs since Trevor Lyman created the concept.

One assemblyman was courageous enough to fight the SAFE Act and exposed the progressive initial intentions to confiscate all semi auto firearms. He stops them and was able to fight this in the middle of the night and they were force to remove a lot of provisions in there. He kept on being vocal and fighting for our rights, even though the GOP betrayed us. He understands our Bill of Rights and wants us to be leaders. We the people can elect him and win. He can help rand Paul in New York, even if the GOP does not.
His name is Steve McLaughlin and he is our champion to lead us in battle. I created a money bomb site using ideas from here. I am no web developer or video filmmaker, but did the best that I could and it is slowly growing. Please help us reach our goal. I am a proud Paulite and help everyone here to get Ron Paul’s name out there. Can you help us?


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Glad you got volunteers! Hope you get more, and that the neighbors respond to your activism. Way to fight the good fight!

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

A few more since

the last 30. We start with what we have and continue the recruitment.

Sent this to a friend in NY

Sent this to a friend in NY who owns a gun shop. Good luck!

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In Saratoga county

Message me or email me. Need details.



You got mail

An activism thread!?

Bump! Go get'em new york!

Over 30 volunteers

Since I posted this message here on daily paul. Thank You! All the red coats that voted for the SAFE Act are going to regret their treason.

Way to go crunchy!

And all the volunteers too! All it takes is someone giving a crap. If you lead people will follow, good luck!

Thank You

I was just frustrated that NOBODY was doing something so simple as a registration drive; specially when a high profile local politician told me "the problem with the gun groups in NY is that they don't vote". Then I looked at the numbers in elections and realized he was right. We outnumber the total votes for Governor in last elections. Gun owners OUTNUMBER total votes and I started looking for anyone working on a voter registration and, zero, nothing, nada.

Be sure to document what you're doing

and post it here to show others how to do it in their area too.

More gun owners than the total votes for governor? Wow. Most people dont tend to act unless they can see how their efforts can make a difference. That should do it.

Yes will do

We either do this now or there won't be any ranges or gun clubs soon.

Come on paulites

Where are my fellow NY activists? Andrew Cuomo can be defeated easily if we register all gun owners to vote. From his NYC stronghold he only received 1 million votes.

"Right To Bear Arms" Super Brochure

Are you using this in your drive:

Buy a stamper for the white label area and put your web site, logo, and information. This will drive traffic to your group/site.

I am making a canvassing video to help show how to walk a neighborhood.

Also, go to:

This is a great group from N.Y. that are already doing stuff.

If you need anything, please let me know.

In Liberty,


Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

Thank You Curt

I am looking into the super brochure. I already knew about it, but never took a close look at it. Will take a good look and see how we can use it for a voter's registration drive. I have many volunteers in my area, the problem is getting volunteers outside the area that i live, because of distance and human interaction. I even tried an approach asking other organizations in FB, etc and it is becoming frustrating. So many people going to rallies and yet they won't participate on a voter's registration drive. This is what will make the difference. Going to rallies is good to lift spirits; make people feel they are not alone, but that will not win elections. We can easily remove all the red coats Schumer, Gillibrand and Cuomo if we are successful.