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Correction: As Martial Law Is Declared In Valley Springs California, Philadelphia Told To Be Ready For 3-day Detentions

As martial law is declared in VALLEY SPRINGS California, Philadelphia told to be ready for 3-day detentions. When it happens, it happens fast. Faster than the courts can keep up with.

Child killing prompts order for "shelter-in-place"

City of Philadelphia tells citizens to be prepared for spontaneous 3-day "shelter in place"

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An updated version of an earthquake drill

I couldn't tell from the article bout Philly if it's going to be voluntary or not. Most likely it won't be compulsory, unless they have a ready-made excuse in the waiting (in this case, some kind of chemical warfare).

It's one thing to remind people to be ready for emergencies. That's fine and good. It's another matter entirely to try to make them use up their preparations on a drill

If I was in Philly, I'd take this "shelter in place" thing as fair warning to, yes, tape up all cracks in my house and make sure I have a month's worth of supplies on hand (not just 3 days). But I would still go about my days as normal, unless I get myself arrested by doing so (I have ids at home to take care of, after al).

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

need to process this--

I was born after WWII--

and though I have come to see that that time period was anything but idyllic, I find the present age very perplexing.

I spend a lot of time just trying to understand. Not sure what to do about anything, yet.

*shaking my head*

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The good and not so good

The first part about California is completely normal and not at all strange or incendiary. It is a suggestion that you might want to lock your doors because a nutball is outside. It doesn't say do it or go to jail or we'll send you to gitmo. So scrub the first article. Many times in my life I've thought it quite sensible to lock my doors, I do it at night because I don't trust the people in my neighborhood, much less if I heard a kid had been stabbed to death down the street. Gun under the pillow and doors locked, that's sensible and the police suggested it in that article, it wasn't a command, you could still go out and mow your lawn if you wanted to or watch the sunset I'm sure.

The second article about Philadelphia is utterly insane and ridiculous, making people think they've going to have to live through the blitz in London or something. But I'd still go out and mow my lawn anyway, because I have a right to. And as long as we all do the same, civil disobedience and being in control of our own lives will win out. I hope.

huge bump!

huge bump!

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

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Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

So their response to those

So their response to those who critizise their actions, is by continuing and expanding those actions......is this how they "negotiate" with foreign countries

Government is so right, i dont know why im getting upset about this either /s

To The AJ Bashers

Alex warned us about this 2 years ago as well as warning us about domestic drones. That's where I first heard about all this crap and moved the heck out of the city. Just saying.


I really don't get where

I really don't get where people are getting this fear and victim crap from regarding Alex. Where does he tell people to just bow down to tyranny? So what if he advises people to move away from the cities?

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Hope and Optimism

When was the last time you felt a sense of hope, optimism and enthusiasm listening to AJ? When was the last time you had a vision of what life could be in the land of the free? When was the last time AJ instilled in you a positive outlook on life? For me, Ron Paul facilitated that many many times. AJ has never had that effect on me. IMO, AJ very much facilitates the coming about of what is supposedly not wanted. PS - If moving out of the city based on fear will "protect/save you", I would suggest you think again :-)

Hope And Optimism?

That sounds almost just like "hope and change." Where did I hear that? AJ is depressing true, he doesn't offer a lot of solutions true, but he makes me aware of what is going on and that's more than most people do. Ron Paul was good about doing that concerning the FED. Some of the stuff AJ spouts about is hard to swallow and he's rude as hell to listen to but he was right about a lot of stuff and will no doubt be right again. It's not his fault the world is ruled by evil corrupt disgusting pigs. Don't kill the messenger. As for me moving out of the city, LOTS of people are not only leaving the cities but also the country. I would rather take my chances in a small community than in a city full of gangs and clueless people is shtf. Case in point, I wouldn't want to be in BOSTON and have to face armed mindless goons with attitude.



Reference to Hope, Optimism, and Enthusiasm was not suggested as a political tag line, but an internal state of being. If AJ give you that, then by all means, give him your ear. Or if he doesn't, but you still find it constructive (rather than destructive), then do that. In reference to the Fed, RP did not come off "depressing". He did not employ undertones judging it or them as being bad. He always identified the underlying idea as not being sound. IMO, very different energies.
As for country/small town living, you might be surprised how much less privacy you have in the country/small town, and how quickly your neighbors will rat you out. IMO, the city is better until the shtf. The country is better when the shtf.

Ron Paul Is One In A Million

I can't compare ANYONE out there to him. He is a one of a kind person. I know what you are talking about but there is no way to hold him up as the norm. He has a calming effect true but his complete patience doesn't get through to a lot of people the way AJ's raving does. Not saying it's bad but a lot of people are SO asleep it takes ice water poured over them to wake them up. Not gentle shaking.


AJ Arouses Animosity

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I get that AJ 'wakes people up'. I would also suggest AJ for the most part gives word to how the people are feeling: angry / deceived / trampled on - in one word: victim. And it is good to call it out for what it is. But the "libertarians are terrorist" comes from that sector in which animosity towards the government has arisen. Stating that the government is incapable of regulating morality, or stating that the government is not efficient at anything is rooted in thinking. Stating that the government is planning to lock us up in FEMA camps is rooted in the emotion fear. IMO, egging AJ on to do more and be more of the same is, imo, evidence not of thinking, but of fear - misery, after all, loves company. Seems much like a religion / church - a great social club. Birds of a feather flock together. Forgive me, but I rather fly with the RP camp. I get the impression that the AJ camp is growing... I also get the impression the RP camp is being dispersed. Not a problem, just saying it like I see it. I was often so intrigued with a higher prominence of highly intellectual, well thought through responses. Doesn't seems so as much anymore...

Where's the positive from the Government when all they do is

Take, Take, Take or attempt to Take and in-between, they Lie, Lie, Lie to us all via their Minions of the MSM
Not much positive at all. Where is the positive when the FEDS are taking and taking non-stop and we have no one looking out for us in the Federal Government.

Ron Paul is a great man and a non-interventionist BUT, that's not what he should have been telling us here in the U.S.A.
To become our POTUS Ron Paul should have been telling us what HE is going to do to correct all these unconstitutional "so called" laws the FEDS have been unlawfully pushing on us Citizens. It's gotten way past non-interventionism and sure much of what Ron Paul was talking about was of overseas wars but, he was also talking about the Government taking away our rights instead of telling us what he was GOING TO DO as POTUS to fix these Federal and State unconstitutional "so called" laws.

Too much AJ can make anyone depressed but, he still tells it how it is and how it's going to be if the U.S. Citizens don't fight back.
NO LAW the States or FEDS make is a legal law if it infringes on our Constitutional Rights and people everywhere ACT as if these laws are legal . . . They are NOT!
The people of Boston were Cowardly Sheeple because, they did NOT tell these law breaking police NO, NO your Not going to lock-me down, NO your Not going to enter my House, NO your Not going to confiscate my guns because, the Constitution is the Supreme law of the Land of These United States of American, Not the Police, Not the Militarized Police, Not the Military, Not the State Government, Not the Federal Government and NOT the President!
I have no doubt the Boston Bombing was another set-up to use, what was essentially Martial law to see if the American Citizens would go along with it, basically submit to any and all unlawful infringements of their Constitutional Rights and sure enough, they got their answer and now, because the Citizens of Boston submitted = gave up their Constitutional Rights, the FEDS know damn well the Citizens will do just as the Citizens of Germany did when Hitlers NAZIS came to take away their Liberties and Rights and Freedoms and we all know what happened next.
People of America better STOP thinking; "that it will Never happen here" because, it already is and We ALL better wake the hell up NOW and fight back or all WILL be lost if we don't!

I've read dozens of comments under articles of unconstitutional infringements of people saying move-out of that City or State and essentially, these people saying this are spreading Cowardice to all that read their comments.
If people don't Stop running and start fighting back, soon, there won't be any free places left to run to.

"We the People" must stop letting these Criminals take away our Constitutional Rights or we will see another Nazi Germany all too soon, right here in the Free Country of America.
It can happen But, only if "We the People" let it.
Remember, just because it's only happening (for now) in this city or that, that it's not going to continue and spread to your town or your city. Every single one of these infringements MUST be confronted or, the FEDS will not stop!
"We the People" the Citizens of American are many and they are few and if they infringe on our Constitutional Rights, WE MUST nip it in the bud immediately or it will grow like a cancer.

Only time will tell but, I do Not want America to fall and anyone that obeys unconstitutional laws are cowards and no better than the criminals that are enforcing unconstitutional laws.
Sounds mean to say that doesn't it but, I'm not talking to the people that are patriots, that will not take it (which appear to be, too few and far between) I'm talking to the people that say; move out of that City or State, I'm talking to the people that did NOTHING while the police stripped them of their Constitutional Rights.
STAND UP for your Rights because, there is no one out there that is going to come to your rescue.
You want to remain FREE, "YOU" MUST Fight for it! YOU!!!

If everyone here want to remain free and are not going to allow the Government(s) to take away their Constitutionals Rights, it would benefits us to stop fighting among ourselves with petty insults about what state someone lives in or, what AJ is or isn't.
We should be joining together to fight tyranny, not let it Divide and Conquer us.

You lost me...

You lost me at "[RP] should have..."
I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. Like RP said, "Live by the sword, die by the sword". If you still believe that our freedom is granted to us by the state, then, by all means, fight them for it. I really liked the original concept of this liberty campaign... a Love rEVOLution. IMO, the only way to attain their respect of our rights is through education. IMO, you cannot compel "them" to respect your right to liberty. And if you think you can, how are you then not a hypocrite? I am with RP. His desire was not to be POTUS. He was prepared to be it, but had no overt yearning for it. His PRIMARY goal was, and continues to be education. An idea who's time has come cannot be stopped by any any army, or any government! I would suggest we re-group and focus on that IDEA. The idea that we need to fight for our rights is, imo, the fundamental error in thought. And yet, if you live in such fear for your life that you must, it might serve you to call that out for what it is... it is rooted in fear... not love. If you can tell me that AJ is coming from a space of love, or really caring about you, and that he is not coming from a place of fear, then obviously I'm not hearing in him what you are hearing.
PS - I wonder how much of the appetite for AJ's ranting feeds an underlying need to be right (both for him and the listener), or feeds the victim mentality, or feeds the need for some association, rather than actually being constructive to a higher sense of self empowerment.

Please Stop

comparing AJ to RP. There is NO comparison. Why does AJ have to stack up to Ron Paul? The point is that AJ wakes people up. Ron Paul is more like a sage, AJ is more like a lunatic prophet. Stop putting them side by side. Please!


Contrast Brings Clarity

IMO, contrast brings clarity. RP and AJ are on opposite sides of the scale. It has been my experience that the vast majority of people cannot state what is wanted. In their attempt to do so, they almost always, unconsciously, resort to saying what is not wanted. RP and AJ are, if you will, Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

The first American Revolution was Not won with

the Pen, it was won with the Sword! We the People have enjoyed the freedom the founding fathers fought for (with a sword) and to now say; the pen is mightier than the sword is to believe the Government will stop taking away our Constitutional Rights just because, we use a pen and write to them to; please stop!

This could very well be the first time since the American Revolution that it is time to put down the pen and pick-up the sword as our founding fathers did which won their freedom from a tyrant King!
I have worked hard the last several years to get people to join the fight to stop the Government from infringing on our Constitutional Rights and most do not listen, and I've seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears that, they are lazy sheeple that believe all is well and always will be, which means, they simply don't care and will only wake-up after it's too late or possibly once the SHTF.

I completely believe a pen and our voices are mightier than the sword But, up to a point. And, that point has come and gone. The Government doesn't listen to us because, they have an Agenda that is total Control over us all.
I believe the pen has had it's chance and the only way to preserve our Liberties and Freedoms is to put the pen down (for now) and pick-up the sword and pray for peace but, prepare for a fight as our founders did.
Again, I pray it never comes to that but, I will not act as if it won't!
To think our Freedom will remain with only the use of a Pen while Tyranny is knocking on our door is foolishly naive!


“The Gun Is Civilization” By Maj. L. Caudill, USMC (Ret)

Counter Attack

It is funny to hear the Russians come to N.A. and now talk how they regret not having their old communist environment... how much worse it is now here "in the land of the free". Americans may have won the battle, but if you zoom out, America may, in the long run, have lost the war. I believe "they" have come about with a counter attack not with swords, but with intellect, while "we the people were asleep at the wheel." It seems it is just about check mate...
You are suggesting that "The pen is mightier than the sword" is not a sound, or fundamental principle. If you believe that resistance is not necessarily futile, then by all means do as you feel inspired... I only hope it isn't out of fear, but in deed out of love.
I believe the quote "We have given you a republic, so long as you can keep it" is very appropriate here. I believe the republic was lost for want of understanding / education... Not the lack of guns or fighting...


That AJ warned you is one thing. But what positive constructive action does he propose? IMO, AJ feeds on, and perpetuates the fear based paradigm. Ron Paul never employed "victim mentality".

AJ is an insider elite

In order to draw you in ,he does tell the truth, then he rants like a lunatic, he offers no solutions only dispair and loss of hope. Ron paul speaks the truth, keeps his cool, finds solutions and gives hope and believes we can turn this nightmare around. I choose Ron for my happy ending. AJ combines some truth but mostly lies. What comes out of your mouth comes from the heart learn to listen carefully. Ron draws in the ignorant and changes them for the good. AJ spreads hatred and fear. Even AJ can change,Ron Paul reminds us of free will. I was once like you.

What solutions does Alex Jones put forth?

For one, he encouraged people to vote for Ron Paul. He also encourages people to become activist in their own communities. He tells people that if they want solutions, then they have to become the solution. Stop waiting for someone to tell you what to do, use your own brain, get off your ass, and do something yourself.

The Prominance of AJ's Message

If you see AJ as being the encourager of solutions, that is awesome. I believe I would have to listen for hours to hear a snippet of such direction or encouragement. It is not uncommon to throw in snippet of positivism or encouragement in a long winded negative rant. I'm just suggesting that the predominant disposition of AJ is focused on the negative... which generally only arouses more disdain and animosity. I would suggest he doesn't foster love, respect, compassion, nor does he empower people with the ideas and ideals of individual liberty, and what positive effect that would have on us. IMO, he is merely a focal point for those who see the state as an enemy. As such, love, compassion, and respect are perhaps simply not yet realized, even if employed in their hollow rhetoric.

Well said "Brent" I'm glad to see

more people like you commenting on, what to do vs we are all screwed, move or i.e. run away (as if there is actually somewhere to run).

Thank You!

robot999's picture

I have to agree with this

I once subscribed to his podcast, but after a couple of weeks listening to it I HAD to turn it off. Too much fear mongering, screaming and yelling. Very negative vibe. Truth... yes/maybe, but the communication method = No.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Stockton,Ca getting ready for Marshall Plan

Recommendation that the City Council direct staff to: 1)facilitate
community meetings to discuss the recommendations in the report and
solicit citizen input; 2)to budget properly in FY 13-14 for the continuation
of Ceasefire and the Marshall Plan Committee discussions; 3)after
receiving community input, return to Council with final recommendations
along with a financing plan for implementation that is in coordination with
bankruptcy negotiations.(CM) http://www.stocktongov.com/clerk/granicusagendas/citycouncil...

04/02/13 Regular Meeting http://www.stocktongov.com/government/oMeetings/councilMeeti...

* * for the continuation of Ceasefire :

Thanks for this reference RP Supporter.

Stuff gettin' real for you now Folks ?

Don't think you're under Military Rule for decades already ?

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Good to be vigilant...

...but I think the Philly story has been taken out of context. The city, as least as far as can be determined from the article, did not warn residents to prepare for a shelter in place order. Rather, the website was explaining what a shelter in place order means according to a local government website.

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!

WTF is going on here?

Perhaps I've been asleep at the wheel but how long have we been using this sanitized name for Martial Law with overtones of security, called "shelter in place"?

Furthermore, for how long now and how many times has this "shelter in place" been invoked?

In my ignorant paranoia it would seem this is a recent phenomenon being pushed into the American lexicon to placate the population after the wake of the Boston bombings. In other words... not letting a crisis go to waste.

Whether by design or not the end result is still the same, just as it has been in many times before, where Americans willfully trade their liberties for the false promise of security.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Where Have You Been?

I've seen this coming for a LONG time. Thanks to AJ no less. I got the hell out of dodge due to this. Not sure there is a safe place on Earth though.