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Correction: As Martial Law Is Declared In Valley Springs California, Philadelphia Told To Be Ready For 3-day Detentions

As martial law is declared in VALLEY SPRINGS California, Philadelphia told to be ready for 3-day detentions. When it happens, it happens fast. Faster than the courts can keep up with.

Child killing prompts order for "shelter-in-place"

City of Philadelphia tells citizens to be prepared for spontaneous 3-day "shelter in place"

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Sounds like they're about to gas philly.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

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High ground is the key

Oh the irony! Last year we learned that preppers were being persecuted; now, they're telling us to prep!

The comments are excellent as well, like a lite version of here. People are waking up, it's great to witness.

The second article mentioned keeping to high ground. Comments indicated that would be good for a chemical or bio attack; underground is better for nuclear. So you're right, it's more likely a gassing than a bombing.

By their words, we shall know their plans.

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Martial Law

not "Marshall Law." :)

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Ah, the police departments

liked that. News anchors will start saying, "Things changed after Boston"? What's a patriot's response to this police state drama? Any news of lawsuits from the house searches in Boston? (Is it martial, or marshal?)