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I think 97% of Man-Made Climate Change Scientists are Liars and Progresser Democrats are Just Plain Stupid Dupes

It's the Sun Stupid.

Dupe: A person who functions as the tool of another person or power.

Now we know who not to trust with environmental policy. The Climate of the Planet has never been your fault, and probably never will be. You are no longer required to pay for its change or changing it.

Analysis Finds the Sun Explains Climate Change, Not CO2

"From the new SPPI & CO2 Science report:

"There is little need to ascribe a unique cause to late 20th-century global warming (such as elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations), as this latest warming is merely a run-of-the-mill relative warming, sitting atop a solar-induced baseline warming that has been in progress for the past four centuries."

"In considering Qian and Lu's findings, it is important to note that, once again, no help from greenhouse gas emissions was needed to reconstruct the past thousand-year history of Earth's global mean temperature; it was sufficient to merely employ known oscillations in solar radiation variability. And as for the future, the two authors predict that "global-mean temperature will decline to a renewed cooling period in the 2030s, and then rise to a new high-temperature period in the 2060s." Given the cessation in warming observed in the surface and lower tropospheric temperature records over the past decade, it appears their prediction is well on its way to being validated.

Clearly, there is much to recommend the overriding concept that is suggested by the data of these several papers, i.e., that the Sun rules the Earth when it comes to orchestrating major changes in the planet's climate. It is becoming ever more clear that the millennial-scale oscillation of climate that has reverberated throughout the Holocene is indeed the result of similar-scale oscillations in some aspect of solar activity. Consequently, as Mayewski et al. (2004) suggested a decade ago, "significantly more research into the potential role of solar variability is warranted, involving new assessments of potential transmission mechanisms to induce climate change and potential enhancement of natural feedbacks that may amplify the relatively weak forcing related to fluctuations in solar output." We only hope that more scientists will take note and examine the intriguing relations between our nearest star and our planet's temperature.""


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I think we can use this issue

I think we can use this issue to destabilize the Democrat grip on power and shift it to Liberty movement candidates. We can do this by harping on how stupid Progresser Democrats are and shifting many of them to vote for Liberty candidates.

I meant to create the pejorative word "Progressers" to be used repetitively, associating it with the failed climate ideology.

Newsbytes: Japan Kills

Newsbytes: Japan Kills Climate Agenda – What Kyoto?

"The Japanese government is moving to speed up the environmental assessment process for new coal-fired power plants. According to Japanese media reports, the government intends to make 12 months the maximum period for assessing and approving new coal-fired power plants as its utilities seek to develop more power stations to stem surging energy supply bills. With the government considering the closure of much of the installed nuclear capacity over the medium term, the spotlight is back on coal as the cheapest energy source, notwithstanding plans to cut carbon emissions. A commitment to slice 2020 carbon emissions by 25 per cent from their 1990 level will be revised by October, according to Japanese newspaper reports. –Brian Robins, The Sydney Morning Herald, 26 April 2013"


While I'm not going to

While I'm not going to dispute the obvious fact that the sun's activity plays a major role in our climate, please explain where the "97%" comes from. If you're going to make up numbers out of the blue, please don't complain when others do it.

About that overwhelming

About that overwhelming 97-98% number of scientists that say there is a climate consensus…


A consensus does not mean

A consensus does not mean that 100% of all scientists agree that global warming is a problem and has a substantial man made component. It means that the great majority of scientists working in the area of climatology and related fields believe that. Not 100%. And that is a true statement. They may be wrong in their belief, but that doesn't mean that they're lying.