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What To Do When Daily Paul Is Gone

I take Nystrom at his word. DP is nearing its end and he will pursue other projects. Godspeed to him. He has surely reached more people than I ever will. Those of you with real practical goals, including Michael, can consider the following.


1. politician vetting

We should realize that our movement and community will become the most coveted source of donations and fundraising for up and coming politicians.

We will be viewed as cash cows, suckers and PREY by thousands of political climbers looking to appropriate the 'Ron Paul' name brand and wield Paulian rhetoric as a path to power.

We need a serious effort to identify and vet genuine worthy candidates from opportunists and hucksters, if we are to prevent the complete coopting and dilution of the message, a la the Tea Party 2008-2012.

This doesn't mean we are 100% purists, we do have to accept some degree of self-interest and maneuvering on the part of all politicians, but some degree of vetting is absolutely necessary to maintain the ideological focus of our ideas and the integrity of the Paul brand.

2. home school curriculum

publishing / private teachers and tutors / lecturing

We can take a page from the Christian movement in America to build alternative educational bodies and infrastructure, including publishing, textbooks, guidelines for homeschoolers, etc. Parents cannot be expected to do this all on their own. Many won't even attempt it if there is no credible support structure to turn to.

3. raising/grooming political candidates

retreats / camps / training

4. to expand on 2 & 3 -- political 'bootcamps,' youth summer camp, setting up simple primary school workshops to assist the homeschooling movement, forming homeschooling collectives with shared responsibility between parents, all on the way toward building an alternative educational establishment.

5. accreditation institutions, outside of official college/university system

The accreditation will indicate to us that the school and the student has gone through an educational process deemed proper according to the tenets of our ideological community.

6. "mutual aid" societies/fraternities

Helping each other, working together, knowing who we are, building a common sense of identity outside of, underneath and above present institutions.

7. commercial collectives

Same as 6 but on a commercial level. This can incorporate elements of private currency, like barter organizations, or local scrip issuers, but presumably based around some hard currency component.

8. legal defense funds and legal aide to help us navigate the legal hurdles and pitfalls in creating and implementing these ideas and bodies

9. cultural, non documentary media

10. lobbying, especially local educational lobbying organizations to influence choice of texts and curriculum, perhaps even national lobbying organizations.

We have to play the game as it is actually played, not as we wish it would be played.

The Constitution may be our rallying cry, the bill of rights our '95 theses' nailed to the establishments door, but -- we need to recognize the small 'c' constitution of power as it actually exists, and engage in it according to its rules and realities.

11. scholarships.

12. fundraising for all projects, especially single purpose projects like production of media

We should pioneer the use of chip-in style fundraising to organize goal based projects. We can contract writers, producers, managers and other non-political talent to carry out projects on a one-time basis to produce a project embraced by the grassroots.

The whole scope of our activity should be aimed at creating an alternative society and set of institutions under the radar and off the grid of our official, corrupt and sclerotic institutions.

Something living, vibrant and lasting beyond single election cycles. Something to catalyze our energies, focus our efforts, and employ our time and talent in a way that accumulates rather than squanders them.

This means building social capital, including institutional and economic capital, and having structures in place to subsume the roles of the state structures we hope to see disappear.

This isn't the job or work of the campaign -- the campaign will be over one way or another by the end of 2012.

This is your work and my work for the next 5 to 10 years and beyond, whether we succeed on the the political level or not. The future doesn't pause because we win or fail to win an election.

Whatever is coming, we need to be there for each other in more than mere words and sentiment

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Good point!

I've only been on here for over a year, but you seem to be such a good strong man with many good people that have your back...but you only know what you should do. Thank you either way for all you do.


...part of waking others up to how bad things are is, I guess, to repeatedly underscore how bad things are every day, so it makes sense that this would be a large portion of the posts here. Reading posts like those from fishy about aquaponics and from others about alternate currencies (despite the bit of tension with the debates about Bitcoin), etc. are like little oases of practical optimism in a wilderness of bad news. I think that's also why I've more recently escaped into threads about philosophy and theology -- irritating and 'useless' topics to some, but refreshing to me, trying to find deeper moorings to calm the spirit and think about how Liberty flows from more fundamental things like Love.

But I do feel guilty sometimes about seeking solace in those topics -- like I'm not doing something in a rubber-meets-the-road sense, that I should be. Thanks to Dr. Paul and the Daily Paul, I was really motivated last year and went all out for the local grassroots/GOP campaign in my county and district -- helped bring in the PCPs, organize the local delegate candidates (threw my hat in the ring as well), had great success in helping to secure spots for the Tampa convention despite establishment dirty tricks (they shut down the voting before I could even be voted on as an alternate and rammed through their hand-picked favorites by state chair appointment), waded through all the post-convention mess trying to clarify how the rules were violated, etc., etc. I've been needing to focus more on family and work recently, though and my degree of local, on-the-ground involvement has slipped some since then. And I still feel exhausted just thinking about it...

I do hope there will be a shot of sunny, 'morning in America' optimism that will reinvigorate us all soon. Yeah, the Rand debate could grow even more contentious, sadly. I'm hoping that there will be others like Judge Nap running, who are alternatives to Rand, who will either help unite the various Liberty factions, or who will provide healthy competition for Rand such that he will feel an even stronger tug in the direction of having to underscore true Liberty principles without soft-pedaling them excessively.

Anyway...I'm beginning to ramble on...

well if the GOP treats Rand as they did Ron maybe we can get

Ron to run LP...

dreaming, I know...

There's a lot going on though, CA is having another hearing May 1 on our nullification of NDAA indefinite detention bill, and it is pretty strong . If we need to change the direction of the wind more than have one key politician who stands for the entire message, we can push the message ourselves. I will do my best, for my part, as I see a way to do it, and I expect many here will do the same.

But you have to do what you think is best. I do want to thank you, though, Michael. I lurked here for years learning about you guys and Ron, and hoping Ron would run again, between elections. It is a great community here. If it does end it will be a sad day. But the internet isn't going anywhere yet (despite Obama's recent executive order and the cyber bill they passed last week). And if we pursue the issues we'll end up in many of the same places, I feel sure. And I love how the Trotskyites are going bonkers over Ron's Peace and Prosperity institute. AND the left. It's inspiring.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

From this comment...

...it sounds like it would probably be handed off, rather than shut down completely. (One can hope. :) )


Why would he ''end it''

Why would you just get rid of the Daily Paul I'm assuming the benefits out way the costs.. it may not be a huge money maker, but you can always transition it over to someone who wants to continue the same message. I think the Daily Paul is a positive tool for this movement. And though I thank Mr. Nystrom for all his hard work and devotion,I would ask not to get rid of this site.

Love it

but... where will we meet to discuss and support such projects? This is the big issue, and why the DP has been so important. If not at the DP then where? Serious question.

First I don't believe Michael has made any firm indications about the future of the site. I know he's discussed it a little but has made no plans to actually do so publicly that I know of. I may be wrong, do you have a link or is this just speculation based on recent comments?

Second I think these ideas are great and should be focused on going forward. Granted Daily Paul may or may not be here in the future, I have high hopes that it will continue on, even if it takes a break for a while. If it does indeed go away, I still think a central meeting place is good for keeping up to date on the latest liberty promoting projects that people are up to so that we can support them or implement them in our own areas. I think the DP has done a great job in this respect and I hope it continues to do so in the future, but if not, where should we meet? I feel we lose power and momentum fracturing off into small groups focusing on one cause or another. Thoughts?

This is the biggest community of Ron Paul supporters, but it is

not the only one. I'm not going to suggest others, but they are on the internet if it really does close down here. If Michael makes that decision I can mention one or more.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Nice! Pro Active!

I am a follower type. I understand the What. Now am looking for
How? Who? When? Where?

I wouldn't even know anything if it hadn't been for the DP.

I was lead to this site...

...by a devote Infowars listener. I wanted something a little more...shall I say...mixed with some cheer, telling much of the same news. I guess for the most part, there are so many intelligent people on here that know where to find info from so many resources in which you are able to compile them all and make up your own mind on so many different subjects. Not to mention that this site is probably compiled of so many different people with such a like mind in liberty(but fights and makes up like a family). I know no site like this ANYWHERE!!!

Hi Kron,

I came here after working my way thru Fox, Beck and Talk Radio. I began searching on the net for the truth. Somehow I stumbled upon Stan Monteith and Radio Liberty and he mentioned Ron Paul and then I found the Daily Paul. I was hooked! I did not even know the thoughts and political ideas expressed here at the DP existed. I understood something was wrong after Obama was elected, but it took me 3 years before I found Ron Paul. I wish I had understood in 2008 what I understood in 2012. As a matter of fact, I wish I understood the Principles of Liberty the first time I voted. It saddens me that I have spent my whole adult life voting for a party that lies, steals, and cheats. I had always thought I was voting against that because I thought the Republicans were the "good guys." Isn't that naive and sad. I listen to Alex Jones some, but for me a little of him goes a long way. I used to listen to Alan Watts and Cutting thru the Matrix be that depressed me as well. All bad news can get to be too much for my system. That is why I like the Daily Paul. There is a good mixture between good and bad news and there are also pro-active things to do and there is an opportunity to interact with other Liberty Lover, ask questions, vent out the bad news, and share ideas. I am glad you stopped in to tell me how you found the DP!


Glad you feel the same as I!

We have a nice balance of everything on here. I would hate to see it go. I don't post like many(it seems like when I want to, someone is much quicker than I to get out the latest), but I may in the future. I am also not as tech savy as some. I learn a lot from everyone on here...newbie or lifer. Good people. I would so love it if we all had our own state(lol). What would we call it?

Freedom is not only tolerance but opportunity

The opportunity that freedom provides is immense. You are capable of great things. The potential is there held back by slavery to various things. Choose to say no to the bad and choose the good and ask God what he made you to do.

Is this the BEGINNING....of the....END??

I get an eery feeling with what is happening in our country now. I can't but help to feel overwhelmed with pessimism, when we witness the worst---Martial Law---become a reality.

If we can't stop them, we should leave, because to fight, we will die. I remember Poland. They killed more people than where I live. The Nazi's murdered 750,000 Polish. They tried fighting, but in the end, they were overwhelmed.

We should fight as much as we can verbally against any gun grab. Having our weapons laced across the entire USA won't defeat these Control Freaks, but it may keep them in check.

hey man chill.. the poles and

hey man chill.. the poles and the germans both had balls.. the fight between americans and their govt will be like a game of chicken where both sides veer out of the way like 100 yards before they hit.. a contest to see who has less balls.. not the banality of evil but the evil of banality... the elite will slowly win by being slightly less cowardly and will-less than the majority. it will be very boring trust me. if anyone even gets remotely hungry it might become interesting. until then it will just be like watching a touch football game on tv. with mostly commercials.

Master Pretzel Twister

With or without the DP

I'm still going to go about things the same way. I converse with anyone who'll listen about anything from the FED to the militarization of police and so on. I also encourage others to participate in local elections, as I believe in bottom-up government-- I'll leave the national stuff to those who place their faith in electronic voting machines and/or are still looking for a savior.

Number 6 is something I'd really like to try to try and get going in my area, though there are already elements of it. I've connected with a lot of the life-long residents here and we're attempting something on that idea.

As for 12-- I forget who said it, but "you can beg people for money as long as you give them appetizers!"

I'd like to do more, but I'm pretty much working on my own here, and there are only so many hours in a day.

Good topic, by the way. It's refreshing to see people offering solutions and ideas rather than the usual chicken little talk.

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